Kicukiro local leaders urged to be advocates of road safety

On 25 August 2023 at 08:59

Local authorities in Kicukiro District have been urged to ensure maximum respect for traffic regulations and to be advocates of road safety.

While addressing Kicukiro local leaders on Gerayo Amahoro on Wednesday, August 23, the Rwanda National Police (RNP) spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera said that most road accidents are caused by reckless drivers, wrong overtaking, failure to respect safe distance and violation of right of way.

Other causes include failure to use side mirrors, driving on the wrong side of the road, speeding, destructed driving such as use of phone, and drunkenness.

More than 7800 accidents were recorded across the country between January and June this year, with the vast majority 97 percent involving male drivers.

During the same period, 399 road fatalities were recorded, with 331 of them male.

"It is always important to ensure that your automobile is in roadworthy conditions, have enough knowledge on traffic rules and regulations, regulate your speed, use indicators efficiently, avoid weaving between lanes or multi-tasking when driving, or driving while drunk," CP Kabera told Kicukiro local leaders.

He added that practicing and understanding defensive driving, using headlights and interior lighting at night for the case of public vehicles, buckling up, respecting traffic lights and other roadside signs, and most importantly staying focused on the road, also contribute to road safety.

"You should be mentally ready for driving and healthy, with your eyes and ears on the road, no stress or under any influence like drugs and alcohol," CP Kabera told the local leaders.

He also urged them to always keep children safe in the car by putting them in back seats with seatbelt or baby car-seat belt, and respect pedestrian zones.

"Be good advocates of Gerayo Amahoro, share road safety tips with your children, relatives and friends, behave responsibly while on road and be agents of change," CP Kabera said.

Kicukiro District Executive Administrator, Antoine Mutsinzi reminded the district, sector and cells staff to be responsible drivers and to spearhead Gerayo Amahoro campaign in their respective areas of responsibility.

"Road safety is the responsibility of us all, and giving a service is not just helping, it’s a responsibility," Mutsinzi said.