Kigali : New irrigation system installed in roads green spaces

On 25 August 2020 at 06:06

The city of Kigali has acknowledged that green spaces in cities can provide cooling through shading and enhance evapotranspiration by reducing the heat effect that occurs in cities

Small patches of green spaces have been created in amongst roads. Green spaces and city parks also makes this clean city appears more beautiful.

Afrilandscapes Ltd is a new landscaping company that has won the Kigali city procurement bid of plantings and installation of automatic and guided irrigation systems in Kigali roads, which has so far been done manually.

The company had some restrictions in water sources so they came up with durable irrigation systems able to use wisely the amount of water the city of Kigali could afford providing.

“In center mediums, we used the drip system, the advantage of this system is that water doesn’t get evaporated, runoff and the perfect amount of water is given directly to the ground, it’s administered very slowly into the areas right next to the root system of each plant. Once the plants get established, the pops get hidden and since they are on the surface of the ground, when we do maintenance, they are very visible, and least damage is done” explained Theresa Cooke, The operation manager in Afrilandscapes Ltd.

Two irrigation systems, Drip and Sprinkle, are getting installed and new plants are maintained at the same time in Kigali Highways greenspaces within a twelve months contract of Afrilandscapes Ltd.