Kigali: Over 100 arrested in bar during curfew hours

On 2 January 2022 at 08:44

In the night of Saturday, January 1, Rwanda National Police (RNP) arrested 102 people after they were found gathered and drinking in Bauhaus Bar located in Nyamirambo Sector, Nyarugenge District drinking at about 1am.

The government directives require everyone to be home by 10pm.

According to the RNP spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera, the 102 people caught at Bauhaus Bar are among over 7,000 violators arrested across the country in the past 24 hours.

"Across the country, Police in partnership with local authorities arrested over 7000 people in varied violations. About 500 of them were found in bars, which were either operating without permission or working in prohibited hours, including the 102 arrested at Bauhaus bar in Nyamirambo on Saturday at about 1am," said CP Kabera.

Erneste Kalisa alias Samusure, one of those arrested at Bauhaus bar, said that they were affected by the heavy rain prompting them to stay inside the bar drinking.

All the 102 violators were found inside the bar, which was operating behind closed doors.

Shadia Uwizeye, the manager at Bauhaus bar, admitted that they decided to close the doors to prevent being detected when it started raining.

“We were operating during prohibited hours because Police found us at about 1pm. It was a new year and we did not think that we would be caught. This will not happen again," said Uwizeye.

The executive secretary for Nyamirambo sector, Claudine Uwera said that they got surprised when they found Bauhaus Bar operating with a big gathering inside and doors closed.

“While enforcing the government directives against Covid-19, we got surprised when we arrived at Bauhaus Bar which was operating behind closed doors with lights switched off, and we called the Police," said Uwera.
CP Kabera said that those caught at Bauhaus bar had been warned earlier to go home before the curfew starts, but decided to undermine the directives intentionally.

He warned against such errand behaviours which contribute to further spread of Covid-19 infections.

All the violators were taken to Kigali stadium where they were educated on the health measures, tested for Covid-19 at own cost and handed administrative fines, accordingly.

Festive security situation

CP Kabera, however, said that despite such violations, the festive period was calm with no serious security incidents.

On the new year and eve of the new year, he added that four serious accidents were registered across the country.

Some of violators found gathered and drinking in Bauhaus Bar.