Kigali residents donate blood

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 4 September 2020 at 08:13

After a long period of suspending blood donation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on September 2, 2020, some residents of the City of Kigali converged at the ‘Car Free Zone’ and donated blood.

The event was organized by Access Bank Plc through its department that cares for women, Maternal Health Care in collaboration with the national blood transfusion center, Inzira Collect na Iby’Iwacu.

The event was themed ‘Protect mother’s life, donate blood, give life.’ It was aimed at collecting blood that will be given to people who need it, especially women who give birth and face a problem of over bleeding.

Natacha Sandrine Umuhoza, Representative of Access Bank Rwanda at the beginning of the event, said that in addition to their work as a bank they also have other activities that help the country.

She added that as a bank they have chosen to launch a blood donation campaign because they believe that a person does not thrive without good health.

“We have chosen to do this through our branch at Access Bank because we have thought that women are among the people who need blood mostly, especially when they give birth they often have various problems that require blood, and for a person to thrive she also has to have a healthy life,” she said.

The blood donation process will last for three days and will end on September 4, 2020.

The Director of the National Blood Transfusion Center, Dr. Gatare Swaibu, thanked Access Bank’s involvement in the long-running blood donation drive due to COVID-19.

“The event seemed to have stalled since COVID-19 arrived in Rwanda, we realized it is necessary, we collaborated with Access Bank Rwanda branch which cares for women to make this event possible,” he said.

Fiona Cecile Umulisa, the director of Ibyiwacu, says Rwandans should have a better blood donation culture.

Akingabire Marie Claire, one of the participants in the blood donation event, said that she donates happily because she has seen so many people lose their lives because of the lack of blood which makes her sad.

Zipline helps in transporting blood to doctors in different parts of the country
One of the participants in the blood donation event, Akingabire Marie Claire, donated blood
Blood will be donated to help people in need, especially women who give birth and over bleed
Fiona Cecile said Rwandans should have a culture of denoting blood
Natacha Sandrine Umuhoza said that in addition to their work as a bank they also have other activities that help the country.
Dr. Gatare Swaibu thanked Access Bank's partnership in the blood donation drive
Access Bank provides a variety of financial services
Access Bank Rwanda is one of the commercial banks operating in Rwandan