Kigali residents receive foodstuffs

On 19 July 2021 at 08:15

Kigali residents with inadequate means and others forcing meal upon daily work have been provided with foodstuffs to survive during lockdown.

Following the surge in new COVID-19 cases and deaths, the virtual Cabinet Meeting of 14th July 2021 reviewed the national directives on preventing the spread of the pandemic and imposed lockdown in Kigali city and eight districts including Burera, Gicumbi, Kamonyi, Musanze, Nyagatare, Rubavu, Rwamagana and Rutsiro.

The new directive takes effect from Saturday, July 17 till July 26.

As he launched food relief distribution on Sunday 18th July 2021; the Minister of Local Government, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi told the media that no one should miss the support during this difficult time.

“No registered vulnerable resident will miss foodstuffs. We will also take into account residents not classified as vulnerable but hit hard by effects of the pandemic. Those unable to get food can report themselves to local leaders to be listed among targeted food relief recipients,” he said.

Citizens have been reminded to continue adhering to COVID-19 preventive directives to avoid extension of lockdown.

The Minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Dr. Gérardine Mukeshimana has told IGIHE that donated foodstuffs were processed by local plants considering it a milestone to home grown solutions.

“It is our pride that all distributed foodstuffs were processed by local plants. Many people underestimate our plants associating them with low quality but it is far from the reality. Our plants meet quality standards that I no longer buy imported foods,” she revealed.

Antoinette Murekatete, one of food recipients who used to force meal upon daily casual work thanked the Government for considering the needy during this difficult time and called on other residents to fully comply with instituted health guidelines lest the situation worsens further.

Babiron Kaseru is another beneficiary with seven children. He revealed that food relief is a testament that the Government oversees for interests of citizens and draws much attention to their wellbeing.

“I am very excited with received food donations coming in handy to move on with life as other activities are put on standstill. It reflects how our wellbeing matters to the country,” he said.

On the first day, food donations were distributed to 12 sectors in three districts of Kigali city. More residents are to receive foodstuffs gradually.

It is expected that 211,000 residents will be provided with foodstuffs including maize flour, rice and beans where the quantity will be determined by number of family members.

Food distribution to Kigali residents started on Sunday 18th July 2021.
The quantity of donated foodstuffs us determined by the number of family members.