KIGALI: RNP extends cooking gas safety tips to employees in car free zones

On 16 July 2022 at 08:13

Practicing Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) safety guidelines in your kitchen will keep you, your family, employees and customers safe from related disaster.

Quite often, people buy LPG also known as cooking gas, with inadequate or no knowledge on how to use it safely.

In other cases, those using it are reckless and do not care to observe the recommended safety tips. In such circumstances, the cylinder will release gas leading to explosion, especially when the cylinder is kept in a closed area or place with high heat.

Over the years, the Rwanda National Police (RNP) Fire and Rescue Brigade (FRB) has conducted awareness campaigns targeting different groups to educate and train them on how to use the LPG safely.

On Friday, this campaign was extended to hundreds of owners and employees of restaurants and canteens in Biryogo and Gisementi car free zones as well as people operating various businesses in these areas.

Last week, a gas exploded in one of the restaurants in Biryogo car free zone.

"We educated them on the causes of gas explosion and how to avert such hazardous conditions," said Superintendent of Police (SP) Laurent Ndagijimana, the Deputy Commanding Officer for Fire and Rescue Brigade.

He added that most gas explosions are caused by human behaviours.

During these practical sessions, participants were explained on various features of gas cylinder and stove, and safety tips.

The safety tips include; never to leave the gas stove unattended when cooking, to ensure that the cylinder is in a safe space for storage with enough air, and to always open windows for minutes before lighting the stove.

They were also equipped with skills on how to use various types of fire extinguisher and fire blanket to put out fire.

General safety tips

Always ensure adequate ventilation and never use indoors or in confined spaces.

Do not connect or disconnect cylinders near a naked flame.

Always keep cylinders cool and away from flames, sparks and heat.

Always check all washers and O-rings on appliances and cylinders regularly

Never interfere with or remove the valve on any LPG cylinder

Do not turn the gas on until you are ready to light the appliance

Close the cylinder valve when appliances are not in use

Never use a flame to locate a leak – use soapy water

Regulate the burner to your needs – flames should not go beyond the edge of the cooking utensil

Keep the LPG away from children

Take time to teach your house-help on how safe to use the LPG

Always be quick to call the Fire and Rescue Brigade in case of emergency.


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