King Faisal Hospital, CHUK sign partnership agreement with Moroccan hospital

On 15 September 2021 at 07:28

The Ibn Sina University Hospital Center (CHU) in Rabat has signed two framework partnership agreements on Tuesday in Kigali with the Kigali University Hospital and the King Faisal Hospital in the Rwandan capital.

According to News.In-24, these two partnerships which fall within the framework of government agreements in the field of health between Morocco and Rwanda, affect various aspects of cooperation, in particular the sharing of scientific knowledge, training and the exchange of experiences.

The first memorandum of understanding, signed by the secretary general of the CHU Ibn Sina, Abdelhamid Ouaqouaq and the Director General of the CHUK, Theobald Hategekimana, concerns the development of the opportunities offered by scientific research and the exchange of information and documentation in all sectors of activity.

By virtue of this partnership, which is spread over a period of three years renewable by tacit agreement, the Ibn Sina University Hospital will welcome interns from the Kigali University Hospital for short-term internships intended to improve skills. The Rabat University Hospital is also committed to sharing its experience in the field of strategic planning and hospital management.

“This is a very important partnership which will allow the University Hospital of Kigali to benefit from the Moroccan experience in the fields of thoracic surgery, interventional gastroenterology and pediatric onco-hematology,” said Hategekimana.

“It is a key partnership for the development of our hospital but also for improving the training of our students”, he continued, adding that Morocco has accumulated a wealth of experience in health and training of medical personnel.

The second agreement, signed by Ouaqouaq and the director general of the King Faisal Hospital in Kigali Miliard Derbew, covers various aspects of cooperation, including the upgrading of professional medical skills and the development of certain hospital disciplines.

Within the framework of this partnership, the Ibn Sina University Hospital will contribute to the realization of the strategic objectives of the King Faisal Hospital relating to the promotion of the activities of cardiovascular surgery, kidney transplantation and hospital financial management.

“This partnership reflects the spirit of South-South cooperation advocated by Morocco which allows the countries of the African continent to help each other and share their knowledge and know-how”, Derbew pointed out.

In a statement to MAP, he said that “This agreement will help improve the services offered by the hospital and boost human resource capacities through training”.

For his part, the secretary general of the CHU Ibn Sina declared that these two agreements illustrate the privileged links between Morocco and Rwanda and reflect the will of the two countries to develop cooperation based on sharing, solidarity, enrichment and strengthening of skills in the hospital sector.

He noted that the Ibn Sina University Hospital has set up two steering committees with its Rwandan partners in order to monitor the implementation of the two signed agreements.

These steering committees, he added, will produce consensual programs reconciling ambitions, human resources available in the short term and the budget to be committed by hospital partners.