King Faisal Hospital introduces new painless child-delivery method

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 20 September 2020 at 07:10

King Faisal Hospital is in the process of introducing “Epidural analgesia for labor”a birth-pangs control method that helps women give birth without experiencing extensive pain spasms.

When the method is to be employed, as soon the expecting mother begins to feel labor pain, she is injected with the concoction, which protects her from pain until she gives birth.

A professor at Duke University in the United States, Prof. Ayedemi John Olufolabi, explained that the process that is going to be introduced in King Faisal hospital will assuage mothers’ pain.

“A catheter helps us to inject drugs into the muscles that cause a woman to have a lot of pain to reduce it, with medical doctors in attendance.”

Dr. Muhumuza Samuel, an expert and an Anesthesiologist in King Faisal hospital, explained that the procedure was aimed at reducing the pain mothers feel due to labor.
"This approach is complementary to what we used to do to reduce the pain caused by so-called ’spinal analgesia for labor’, but it doesn’t remove all the pain."

"The pain a mother has during childbirth can have a devastating effect on the baby and the mother; at times, a mother fails to breastfeed or does not want to cuddle the baby ld. because of the pain she felt while giving birth."