King Faisal Hospital staff on spot over sexual assault

On 12 December 2020 at 11:21

An employee of King Faisal Hospital is accused of sexually assaulting a woman who was conducting an examination, a case that has been reported to relevant institutions for investigations.

Leah Joy Prout made a post on social media yesterday revealing what happened to her during her stay at the hospital saying her story could help others.

“I am normally, a very private person, but I believe sharing my story might help even one of you. Last Wednesday evening I was sexually assaulted during an examination at King Faisal Hospital. I met with resistance from the staff to receive the perpetrator’s name. By Friday; I was able to get the name. That morning I submitted a detailed complainant about the assault,” she said in a tweet.

“On Monday, I heard from customer care who told me that they would investigate if the incident happened. I only told two friends in the country about the incident and family. One of those friends said that she had been groped at king Faisal Hospital more than a decade ago. If they dare to do this to such an outspoken person, I can’t imagine what they are doing to more vulnerable women and girls,” added Prout.

Following the complaint, Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) replied that investigation has started.

“RIB has started investigation into the alleged sexual assault by KFH staff and appropriate action will be taken accordingly,” reads the tweet.

A statement signed by the Deputy CEO of the hospital, Dr Edgar Kalimba also shows that the case was handed over to competent institutions.

“We are deeply disturbed by the allegations by Ms. Leah Joy Prout on social media that she was sexually assaulted by one of our staff during her hospital stay. As we strive to become a center of excellence, we value our patients and visitors’ rights and always strive to respect them,” reads the statement in part.

“ We therefore take these allegations seriously; we carried out an internal investigation and we have handed over the case to relevant competent authorities,” adds the statement.