Kirehe farmers upbeat over increased yields

On 6 October 2021 at 08:29

Farmers in Kirehe district in Eastern Province have commended the land consolidation program for helping them to increase yields and make reserve for the market.

Farmers voiced the appreciation on Tuesday 5th October 2021 at the launch of the Agriculture Season 2021/2022 A held in Rwabutazi cell of Gatore sector.

The launch coincided with the planting of maize seeds on 120 hectares exploited by a group of farmers from Gatore.

Fred Kuradusenge, a resident of Cyunuzi of Gatore sector has explained that land consolidation helped him to grow crops appropriately to reap enough yields to feed his family and make reserves for the market.

As Kuradusenge revealed, his maize produce has increased from 2 to more than five tonnes per hectare after embracing land consolidation.

“We would harvest at least 2 tonnes per hectare which have increased to five and more after adopting land consolidation,” he said.

Alex Nizeyimana has also explained that farmers using selected seeds and fertilizers have reaped big compared the yields they used to harvest before when farmers were accustomed to crowding seeds.

“We used to crowd seeds and the produce not rewarding our efforts. Today, the situation has changed as we plant one selected variety of seeds which helps to increase yields. For instance, the produce has doubled from 200 to 400 on a small arable land,” he said.

Nizeyimana explained that consolidating land facilitates easy and timely provision of fertilizers and benefit from the support of agricultural extension officers all together.

“There are several advantages of land consolidation. Farmers plant, weed crops and harvest maize at the same time. Our efforts were dispersed before land consolidation but we currently spray designated chemicals at the same time to prevent crop diseases,” said Liberatha Murekatete, another farmer.

The Governor of Eastern Province, Emmanuel Gasana has also highlighted that land consolidation helps farmers to increase yields.

“Consolidating land helps farmers to receive advises from agriculture extension workers easily. They are also equipped with best farming techniques and convenient ways of applying fertilizers at the same time which subsequently increases produce,” he said.

Gasana urged farmers to grow crops on time respecting tips from extension workers.

Kirehe district will grow crops on 36,000 consolidated hectares during the agriculture season 2021/2022 A.

Of these, beans will be planted on 9000 hectares, soy on 210 hectares, cassava on 800 and rice on 816 hectares.

Officials and farmers at the launch of Agriculture Season 2021/2022 A in Kirehe district.