KOICA Rwanda Office holds online training program, “Development, Operation and Maintenance of Agricultural infrastructure for Food security”

On 24 October 2020 at 10:00

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Rwanda Office has held a closing ceremony to celebrate the successful completion of the online training program, “Development, Operation and Maintenance of Agricultural infrastructure for Food security” which was organanized in the Rwanda Management Institute (RMI),

Kigali from October 14th to October 21, 2020. Attended by 13 civil servants and representatives of the private sector, the eight-day online training has been administered in collaboration with the Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC) with the objective of equipping participants with knowledge and skills for agricultural development, sustainable water management, and appropriate response to climate change.

It prepared a diverse range of lectures and workshops to deliver practical knowledge on agricultural development to the participants.

RMI was chosen to be the host institution of the training because it was the primary beneficiary of KOICA’s project of "Human Resources Development for Civil Service Capacity Building (2014-2018)”. Under this project, KOICA financed the upgrading of its training facility with a cutting edge teleconference system, including sound and video systems and equipment and capacity building of RMI staff.

“In response to this unprecedented crisis posed by COVID-19, KOICA had to find an innovative alternative to keep our capacity building programs going”, Mr Chon Gyung Shik, Country Director of KOICA Rwanda office said in his closing remarks.

“Though this is the first online training, I believe this will clearly demonstrate how ICT can be incorporated into our grant programs and help strengthen our digital transformation strategy”. “As we navigate this challenge, we will keep trying to apply new ways of doing things to improve our performance while saving costs”, he added.

‘’This training has been important to me to get enough knowledge on the management of agriculture infrastructures as well as rural community, “said Alain Nzeyimana, Mechanization Workshop Specialist at RAB, one of participants of the training. “I now understand how to manage the infrastructure and how to involve community in the management of agriculture infrastructure“.

Every year, KOICA offers various training opportunities in the form of invitational training in Korea to its partner countries across the globe. In 2019, KOICA Rwanda office sent about 60 people to Korea for two-week short-term training programs, including “Capacity Building for Policy Development and Coordination” and “Capacity Building Program for Research on Natural Resources and Energy”.

However, due to the global health risks posed by COVID-19 which accompanied health measures and travel restrictions in many countries, KOICA has had to shift the inivational training to online training in which trainers and trainees are connected through an online platform.