Lt Gen Jacques Musemakweli laid to rest

On 20 February 2021 at 08:38

Lt Gen Jacques Musemakweli, the former Rwanda Defense Force (RDF)B Inspector General has been laid to rest at Kanombe Military Cemetery and eulogized for paid sacrifice to the nation.

Lt Gen Musemakweli passed on 11th February 2021, at Kanombe Military Hospital where he was getting treatment. He died at the age of 59.

The ceremony to bid last farewell took place yesterday observing COVID-19 preventive measures. It was attended by various people including relatives, and colleagues mostly RDF senior officers.

He was eulogized for great contribution to liberate the nation as well as striving for the country’s development in respective duties he held.

His child, Musemakweli Shafy revealed that his father taught them to embrace moral values and strive for bravery.

“When I went to live in America, my father told me to be a good ambassador and strive for good reputation of my country. I wish him to rest in peace with a promise to emulate his bravery,” he said.

Musemakweli’s children said they didn’t run short of anything because their father took care of them and treated them gently.

“I promise him that we shall soldier on to help our mother. It is difficult to live without him but we shall make efforts to uphold his legacy,” said Uwase.

In the message of late Lt Gen Musemakweli’s wife read by her eldest daughter, she revealed that both parents met in 1994.

“I take this moment to briefly speak about my husband and father of my children. I remember when we met for the first time in 1994 during the struggle to liberate our nation. He was a soldier and I was a medical doctor. That’s when our love journey began,” she said.

She emphasized that late Lt Gen Musemakweli has been a kind husband for the past 26 years.

“She was not only a husband but also my father. I lost my dad at early ages but I forgot sorrows of missing a parent since I lived with him. I always thank him for that. He was an honest man. I always thank him for giving me a good exemplary. I loved him so much but God has taken him again. I hope he is in God’s safe hands until we meet again,” she said.

The condolence message from President Paul Kagame and Commander in Chief (C-in-C) of RDF to the family of the late Lt Gen Jacques Musemakweli read by Senior Defence and Security Advisor in the Office of the President, Gen James Kabarebe, he said that it is an extremely sad moment for the family, RDF and the country.

He commended late Lt Gen Musemakweli for his commendable service and exemplary achievements during the struggle for the liberation of the country and the subsequent struggle for the socio-economic development of the Nation ‘he was still contributing to, up to the day he passed on’.

“Late Gen Musemakweli worked tirelessly and selflessly for this Nation and his contribution is evidenced by the various appointments he held over time, to serve RDF in different capacities. These appointments testify to his exceptional commitment to fulfilling the core values RDF stands for. This is exemplified by his unrelenting endeavor to always instill these values to other RDF officers and men. His untimely passing on comes at a time the Nation and his family still needed him,” reads the message.

“What we can remember on such a day, is that all of us should strive to carry on the legacy of loving and working for our country, a value that characterized Late Gen Musemakweli. The leadership of Rwanda, through the Ministry of Defence and RDF, assures the family of Late Gen Musemakweli of their unwavering continuous support as the law requires and as it is a practice in our culture,” adds the message.

Lt. Gen. Jacques Musemakweli was among RPA soldiers that liberated the country and stopped the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

He held different senior positions in RDF leadership including; commander of Republican Guards, Army Chief of Staff and Reserve Force Chief of Staff.

On 12th January 2018, President Paul Kagame and the Commander in Chief of RDF promoted Jacques Musemakweli from the rank of Major General to Lieutenant General.

Among others, Lt Gen Jacques Musemakweli once served as the commander of the Republican Guards prior to his appointment as Army Chief of Staff in 2016.

At the time, he was at the rank of Major General. In April 2019, Lt. Gen. Jacques Musemakweli was appointed the Commander of Reserve Forces prior to 3rd February 2019 when he became RDF Inspector General.

He also served as the Chairman of APR FC from 2013 until January 2021.

Lt Gen Musemakweli had taken post from Maj Gen Alex Kagame who was leaving for studies in China. Lt Gen Musemakweli was recently replaced by Maj Gen Mubaraka Muganga to the position in January 2021.

He was serving as RDF Inspector General prior to his demise.