Makolo urges DRC leaders to learn from President Kagame

By Esther Muhozi
On 4 March 2024 at 12:00

The Spokesperson of the Government of Rwanda, Yolande Makolo has urged leaders of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to emulate President Paul Kagame’s attributes, if they are to address problems facing their country instead of being stuck in blame games.

She made the comments on Sunday 3rd March 2024, through a message posted on X. Makolo was responding to African Stream news outlet which ran an article reading that there are Congolese who are wary of him even though he is a popular figure in many African countries.

The article from this media outlet revealed some Congolese voices claiming Rwanda and President Paul Kagame support the M23 rebel group, asserting this as a reason for those who dislike him.

In her response, Yolande Makolo stated that President Kagame is a leader who has achieved much, which is why some Africans see him as a hero.

She mentioned, “What President Kagame has accomplished as a Rwandan and as an African hero speaks for itself and cannot be erased. Together with the RPF, he is an African leader who set out to liberate, rebuild, and defend Rwanda, and this is what he continues to do.”

Makolo further commented, “A new generation of Rwandans inspired & empowered by this leadership continues the work. This is why Africans admire him. We are all Africans.”

She indicated that President Kagame’s achievements should serve as a model for leaders in the DRC.

“DRC leaders should do the same for their country (that’s if they care), stop scapegoating, distracting their people with lies and expecting others to do the work that they should be doing themselves,” she added.

Makolo made the observation amid strained relations between Rwanda and the DRC, with the latter accusing Rwanda of supporting the M23 rebel group, which opposes the government due to grievances expressed by Kinyarwanda-speaking Congolese citizens.

President Tshisekedi recently addressed those involved in the security crisis in North Kivu, stating that Congo would be satisfied only if Rwanda was sanctioned.

Rwanda, on the other hand, refutes the allegations and argues that instead of addressing its issues, Congo tries to blame others, even to the extent of collaborating with groups like the FDLR, responsible for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Rwanda demands that the DRC government cease its cooperation with the FDLR, disarm the group, and repatriate its members to Rwanda. Rwanda believes that this is the only way to ensure its security and maintain the unity that Rwandans have worked hard to achieve.

The Spokesperson of the Government of Rwanda, Yolande Makolo.