Man dies at traditional healer’s home in Kayonza

On 8 January 2021 at 08:34

A body of 34-year old man from Gahini sector, Kayonza district has been found at the home of a traditional healer where he had gone for treatment.

The body was found yesterday in Umwiga village, Urugarama cell in Gahini sector, Kayonza district, Eastern Province.

IGIHE has learnt that the man had been discharged by Gahini Hospital and recommended to continue taking drugs at home. The man who claimed to have been poisoned later opted for support from traditional healers.

It is said that five traditional healers failed until he met with the last one in Gahini where he died.

The executive secretary of Gahini sector, Rukeribuga Joseph has told IGIHE that the body was found yesterday but the traditional healer revealed that the man died on 6th January 2021.

“The traditional healer is renowned. He has license to operate and is a member of traditional healers association. After the hospital discharge him, the traditional healer said, the man came to him for support after five traditional healers failed,” he said.

“We learnt about the death yesterday and went to the traditional healer’s home with security officials and Rwanda investigation Bureau. We took the body to Gahini Hospital for post mortem and arrested the healer to face justice because patients are not allowed to spend night at his home,” explained Rukeribuga.

He appealed on residents to stick to public health facilities instead of relying to unreliable health service providers.

Rukeribuga also advised traditional healers to respect regulations and avoid whatever tempting them to admit patients.

The widow to the deceased and the traditional healer explained that the man’s body had swollen that he could not wear a trouser.