Man stabs child to death in Kayonza

On 18 January 2021 at 07:34

A 41-year old man from Mukarange sector, Kayonza district in Eastern Province has stabbed to death a two-year old child her wife sired with another man.

The incident took place last night around 8pm in Irebero village, Nyagatovu cell of Mukarange sector.

The executive secretary of Mukarange sector, Murekezi Claude has told IGIHE that the suspect has been arrested today morning attempting to escape.

“The man sired four children with his wife but were not legally married. In 2016, the man was arrested after stabbing and wounding a person. During husband’s jail term, his wife sired twins with another man. The man was later released and continued to live with her wife in persistent disputes,” he said.

Later on, Murekezi explained, citizens’ forum (inteko y’abaturage) solved such disputes by ordering the husband to quit the wife and rent own house because all possessions belonged to the woman.

“Around 8pm yesterday, he went to the home of the woman with whom they once cohabited intending to kill her. After failing to find the woman in bedroom and kitchen, the man used a knife and stabbed to death one of twins in the sitting room,” he said.

Murekezi revealed that another old man found at the woman’s home to recover debts for completed works was also stabbed and wounded severely.

The suspect immediately ran away and was arrested around 2am attempting to escape. He has been handed to Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) station in Mukarange sector while the child’s body has been taken to Gahini hospital.