Manzi Finance commits to providing affordable loans to entrepreneurs

By Karirima Aimable Ngarambe
On 17 July 2023 at 04:14

Manzi Finance Ltd, under the leadership of CEO Manzi Aloys, has revealed its commitment to offering low-cost and easily accessible loans to residents of Rwanda, particularly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to stimulate their growth.

Manzi Finance Ltdis a licensed financial institution regulated by the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR).

Founded by Rwandan entrepreneur Aloys Manzi from Rulindo, the company aims to support the development of various projects initiated by individuals.

Manzi completing secondary studies in Rwanda and pursued university studies in France, where he obtained a Master’s degree in Accounting.

He furthered his education in the United Kingdom, earning a Master of Business Administration degree and establishing a residence there.

Following his academic endeavors, Manzi worked in hospitals and retirement homes before venturing into entrepreneurship in 2014.

He established a maize-flour production plant in Kayonza and founded the Manzi Fondation, an organization that provides community-based insurance, pays school fees for secondary and university students as well as counseling services.

Besides, Manzi Foundation supports women in Base of Rulindo District by providing interest-free loans to initiate income-generating businesses.

In an interview with IGIHE, Manzi expressed his motivation for these endeavors, stating, "I engage in these activities because I have personally experienced the difficulties people face when applying for bank loans."

He added, "We encountered similar challenges when we started out and wanted to assist others in overcoming them. Many people seek loans, but the requirements can be daunting, preventing their projects from being implemented without access to financial support. We are committed to working with startups and guiding them towards success."

Manzi Finance offers loans to beneficiaries, including individuals, based on the nature of their projects. Manzi also expressed the company’s consideration of extending loan services to Rwandans living abroad, recognizing that they too may encounter similar challenges.

He stated, "We are striving to identify members of the diaspora who face similar issues in accessing loans, in order to provide them with assistance. Our services are unique because we prioritize the needs of our customers. We offer consulting services and ensure quick loan disbursal to clients." Manzi further emphasized their commitment to maintaining ongoing relationships with clients, advising them throughout the loan process and ensuring swift loan disbursement.

Notably, Manzi Finance aims to set itself apart from larger banks by offering a more personalized approach. Unlike many large banks that may fail to follow up with clients, potentially leading to the auctioning of assets in the event of non-payment or project implementation issues, Manzi Finance focuses on client engagement, advising, and prompt loan disbursement.

The interest rate for loans provided by Manzi Finance is set at 22% annually, lower than the rates charged by non-deposit taking lending financial institutions within the same tier, which typically range from 25% to 36% annually.

While initially established as a non-deposit taking lending financial institution, Manzi Finance has plans to expand its services in the future and offer a complete range of banking services to its clients. During the recent launch of Imanzi Finance, five SMEs secured loans of Rwf5 million each, totaling Rwf25 million.

Manzi has also disclosed to IGIHE that farmers are among the targeted beneficiaries of the financial services provided by Manzi Finance.

Aloys Manzi hails from Rulindo. He said that the financial institution aims to support the development of various projects.
During the recent launch of Imanzi Finance, five SMEs secured loans of Rwf5 million each, totaling Rwf25 million.