Masaka Creamery serving consumers with high quality dairy products

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 1 December 2020 at 03:43

Masaka Creamery Ltd is a local firm processing a variety of high-quality dairy products rich in nutrients that have whipped up consumers’ appetite.

Located in Kigali Special Economic Zone in Masoro, the company started in 2016; producing a variety of dairy products including yogurt, fermented milk, fresh cream, butter, ghee and other products for children and adults.

Masaka Creamery Ltd produces Masaka Yogurt (made of straw berry and vanilla) in pack sizes of 100; 150, 250, 400 and 500mililiters, 5 liters respectively as well as Masaka Yogurt (Natural) available in five-liter packages.

Other products including fermented milk are also made available in different pack sizes meeting consumers’ demand. The company also produces one kilogram Greek Yogurt, Fresh Cream, Mascarpone and Butter (salted /unsalted) and Cow Ghee.

The Managing Director of Masaka Cremery, Julie Igiraneza explains that the company seeks to maintain the lead position in the dairy sector.

“We want to continue positioning the company among the leading producers of dairy products with outstanding quality in Rwanda,” she promises.

Masaka Creamery Ltd employs 40 workers, majority of whom are deaf-mute youth.

“We are committed to continue delivering quality products while creating jobs for Rwandans especially deaf-mute youth,” considers Igiraneza.

Masaka Creamery Ltd is Rwanda Standard Board (RSB) Certified which confirms the company adheres to standards.

The Marketing Manager at the Creamery, Gloria Munana, explains that the company has enough production, fed by ample supplies to meet market demand.

“We receive large quantities of milk on a daily basis and work closely with over 2000 farmers. This helps to meet demand with high quality bulk production,” she emphasizes.

The company also distributes its products to upcountry consumers, in Nyagatare, Rwamagana and Kayonza districts in Eastern Province, Rubavu district in Western Province, Rulindo and Musanza in Northern Province as well as Muhanga, Ruhango and Huye in Southern Province.

For more details, contact 0789911244 , email us on [email protected] or visit social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@MasakaCreamery).

Masaka Creamery Ltd produces Greek Yogurt, Fresh Cream, Mascarpone, Butter and Cow Ghee.
Fermented milk is among produced products.
Masaka Creamery Ltd produces high quality dairy products rich in nutrients.
Masaka Creamery creates jobs for Rwandans especially deaf-mute youth.