Mega Global Link, ApplyBoard forge pathways for affordable international education opportunities

On 13 November 2023 at 11:30

Mega Global Link, in partnership with ApplyBoard, is opening doors for individuals seeking to pursue education in Europe, the United States of America (USA), and Canada with ease and affordability.

Since the commencement of their collaboration in November of this year, Mega Global Link and ApplyBoard have been dedicated to assisting those aspiring to study in schools across the United States, Canada, and various European destinations.

The companies have established connections with educational institutions, facilitating matches for students seeking scholarships or covering tuition fees independently at all academic levels, including university, high school, and primary school, where parents can accompany their children.

Under a three-year contract, which holds the potential for extension upon success, these two entities are working seamlessly to broaden educational opportunities. ApplyBoard, with a track record dating back to 2015, has assisted over 400,000 individuals from more than 125 countries in pursuing education globally.

Effective from 2024, the collaboration between Mega Global Link and ApplyBoard aims to provide a streamlined pathway for over 10,000 Africans to pursue international studies effortlessly.

Founded by Dr. Francis Habumugisha, Mega Global Link offers a range of services, including connecting students with schools, facilitating medical tourism by linking patients with partner hospitals, and aiding in visa applications.

ApplyBoard, founded by Meti Basiri, has played a pivotal role in enabling diverse populations to study abroad.

In addition to school placements, Mega Global Link monthly facilitates trips for individuals interested in exploring different European destinations.

Whether assisting students in connecting with partner schools or patients with affiliated hospitals, the company is committed to providing comprehensive support.

Moreover, the company extends its services to help applicants navigate the visa application process, from form completion to document collection and timely payment.

This collaborative effort is poised to make international education accessible to a broader audience, fostering academic growth and cultural exchange on a global scale.

Dr. Francis Habumugsiha is optimistic about the recently entered partnership between Mega Global Link and ApplyBoard.
Dr. Francis Habumugisha is the founder of Mega Global Link.