Mentoring walk organized at Nyandungu Eco-Park to celebrate Father’s Day

On 15 June 2023 at 02:03

Since 1910, many nations worldwide have designated the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. This annual celebration was inspired by Mother’s Day, which is believed to have started three years prior in 1907.

Father’s Day serves as an opportunity to honor and celebrate the significance of fatherhood, paternal bonds with both male and female children, and the influence of fathers and father figures in society. While the global community has embraced this day as an important occasion on their national calendars, it is equally important to acknowledge the contrast between fatherhood and fatherlessness.

Numerous studies suggest that children with involved and loving fathers are more likely to excel in school, possess healthy self-esteem, exhibit empathy and pro-social behavior, and avoid high-risk activities such as drug use, absenteeism, and criminal behavior. A present and engaged father serves as a child’s first role model and lays the foundation for good leadership.

Conversely, research shows that fatherlessness contributes to various social issues. Common indicators of the direct impact of fatherlessness include poverty, substance abuse, poor physical and emotional health, lower educational attainment, crime, and an increased likelihood of early sexual activity and teen pregnancy, among other detrimental effects.

Addressing the positive impact of fatherhood or the negative consequences of fatherlessness (which can result from various factors such as geopolitical unrest, divorce, or teenage pregnancies) is a delicate challenge that society faces.

Key organizations with shared interests on providing a solution to this societal issue are joining forces to celebrate the role of Fathers this coming Father’s Day, Sunday 18th June 2023, as part of the regular "Mentoring Walk & Environment" programs.

The Mentoring Walk to be held at Nyandungu Eco-Park by joint partners, KORA Coaching Group, Bourbon Coffee, Old Mutual and IGIHE will be held under the theme "From Trauma to Triumph”.

Partner organizations aim to bring together seasoned, young fathers and aspiring fathers who will participate in a guided Mentoring Walk and Talk by the ponds of the recently restored Wetland.

A select number of role models and father figures are set to provide a valuable inspiration for achieving a healthy balance of physical and mental well-being through meaningful intergenerational exchanges.

Studies have shown that physical activity positively influences emotions and decision-making as an integral part of personal leadership. Old Mutual Rwanda, part of a pan-African leading Insurance Company present in 13 countries will provide further insights into the benefits of fitness and health coverage during the event.

KORA Coaching Group, the lead partner and developer of the Mentoring Walk programs, will facilitate the speed mentoring session to ensure knowledge transfer and accelerated transformation through its internationally certified professional KORA Coaches.

Guests are anticipated to be made up of over 60% young mentees to align with Rwanda’s demography. The participating Youth representatives will be encouraged to share their personal journeys at the end of Walk & Talk speed mentoring session over a breakfast.

As the resident operator of Nyandungu restaurant, Bourbon Coffee will host all celebrating guests and serve its flagship Rwandan coffee alongside a selected breakfast menu featuring their popular baked goods and fruits.

Nyandungu Ecopark is home to more than 62 local plant species and over 100 bird species.