MINEDUC reassures parents with students at closed Gakoni Adventist College

On 12 February 2021 at 12:46

The Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) has revealed that it is investigating causes that triggered riots at Gakoni Adventist College before allowing the school to reopen.

The Ministry has made the clarifications following parents’ queries to get updates on the status of the problem so that they can register children in other schools in case the latter doesn’t reopen.

“They sent children home but didn’t clarify if they will resume studies or the school was permanently closed so that we can seek other alternatives. My child studies in Senior 6. They should update us if there is still possibility sit for exams, despite the closure,” one parent told IGIHE.

MINEDUC spokesperson, Salafina Flavia has told IGIHE that the school was closed temporarily as they analyze reasons that triggered riots.

“The school was not closed permanently. It is temporarily closed as the statement reads. MINEDUC will set new dates to resume studies soon after relevant authorities will have established causes that triggered riots. They will be able to sit for exams like students from other reopened schools,” she said.

Salafina appealed on parents to advise children against naught behaviors faults and remind them to revise courses.

“The Ministry of Education would like to comfort parents with children sent home and request them collaboration to educate children on moral values that should characterize Rwanda’s students, “she said.

Students at Gakoni Adventist College organized riots on Saturday last week protesting against the suspension of colleague who persistently indulged in improper behaviors.

It is said that the school sought support from police and local leaders to expel the student who had denied quitting the school’s premises.

As sources revealed, students stoned police and broke glasses of police vehicle which carried the sacked indiscipline student.

Rioting students also broke glasses of school buildings including dormitories, classes and administrative bloc.

Gatsibo district officials went to the school on Monday to calm the situation as students had declined to study. Students preferred to go home claiming that they are mistreated.

The mayor of Gatsibo district, Gasana Richard has told IGIHE that they decided to send all students home after consultations with MINEDUC.

He explained that riots might have been triggered by students from Nyabiheke and Gihembe refugee camps account to 288 out of 372 students at the school.

The Ministry of Education on Thursday, February 11, released a statement temporarily shutting down Gatsibo-based Gakoni Adventist College, in Kiramuruzi sector, following student’s strike that destroyed the school’s property.

MINEDUC revealed that 16 ring-leaders were arrested and handed over to the Police.

Rioting students destroyed the school's properties.