Minister calls for child abuse court cases to be held in public

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 15 July 2020 at 04:51

Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Prof. Bayisenge Jeannette, has called for the hearing and prosecution of suspects involved in child abuse especially defilement, to be held in public to ensure lessons are taken by all those that intend to commit the felony.

Minister Bayisenge made the remarks on Tuesday in response to family questions raised by MPs from the Political, and Gender Equality Commission in the country’s development.

Among the demands of the MPs was to outline the existing measures to combat child sexual abuse that are still taking rampant.

Statistics on the number of child sexual abuse allegations show that in 2016/17, Rwanda Investigation Bureau, RIB, received 2091 complaints, in 2017/18 it was 3060, and in 2018/19 it received 3512 complaints.

Of the people prosecuted for these crimes, in 2018/2019 it was 3417, in 2017/18 they were 3001 and in 2016/2017 it was 2092 people.

Minister Bayisenge informed the MPs that various measures have been taken including the enactment of penal code for the perpetrators of the crime, a campaign that requires everyone to report and denounce these crimes.

She said the fact that child sex offenses are being tried in private is a serious obstacle, arguing that if the trial was held at the scene it would send a warning that others would be afraid to do the same.

Minister Bayisenge also said that a special team had been set up by various agencies to study what could be done to address the issue of child sexual abuse, especially to prosecute the perpetrators.

Minister Bayisenge said that a special team was set up by various agencies to study what to do to address the issue of child sexual abuse and to prosecute the perpetrators.