Minister Gatabazi pledges to weed out ‘small bribes’ from local leadership

On 23 March 2021 at 12:02

The Minister of Local Government (MINALOC), Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi has pledged to address the issue of ‘small bribes’ solicited by grass root leaders from citizens seeking services.

He revealed this yesterday during a handover ceremony between the Governor of Eastern Province, Mufulukye Fred and his successor, Emmanuel Gasana.

Minister Gatabazi reminisced on values that should characterize a good leader and urged grass root leaders to deliver on efficiency and avoid poor service delivery.

“We claim this theoretically but found different reality whereby different leaders are not at offices. It is difficult to find leaders to sign documents nowadays. The more services are being decentralized, leadership is gradually being passed over to grass root leaders we do not remember to monitor to see how they serve citizens,” he said.

Gatabazi explained that residents seeking to register children, health services, documents or others seeking construction permit or intending to start businesses are maltreated to the extent that some of them are required to offer bribery.

“As leaders, we consider it small bribes but it is apparently huge to citizens. Don’t take it lightly. If you can earn Rwf 10,000 easily, remember that there are citizens who can spend a month without Rwf 500. By soliciting their money, you are disappointing citizens,” he said.

Gatabazi highlighted that he will follow up the matter and engage relevant authorities to dig deeper into the question that security officials will intervene where necessary to hold culprits accountable.

“Some service seekers are told that the newt work is failing among others. Why such minor issues are not told leaders seeking services? When we seek services, we get them fast because we are mayors, Governors but there are citizens who woke up early around 5am and stay until 12 noon without being attended to,” he noted.

Gatabazi reminded local leaders to always stick to offering good services to citizens with all their efforts.

He also requested the new Governor of Eastern province, Gasana Emmanuel to strive for changes aimed at transforming citizens’ livelihoods.

Minister Gatabazi has pledged to weed out ‘small bribes’ from local leadership.