Minister Ugirashebuja meets RNP leadership

On 7 October 2021 at 05:41

On Wednesday, October 6, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuja visited Rwanda National Police (RNP) at the General Headquarters in Kacyiru where he held a meeting with the force’s leadership.

The meeting was attended by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dan Munyuza, Deputy IGPs; Felix Namuhoranye of Operations and Jeanne Chantal Ujeneza of Administration and Personnel as well as heads of departments, units and RNP schools.

IGP Munyuza, who welcomed the Minister gave an overview of the current status and projections of Rwanda National Police.

“RNP was established in the year 2000 with only 3,000 personnel, which has since increased to over 17,000 Police population," IGP Munyuza said.

RNP was created following the merger three organs that had the policing mandate at the time. These are Gendarmerie Nationale under the Ministry of Defence, the Communal Police in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Judicial Police in the Ministry of Justice.

"RNP has strived to build the capacity in different policing fields. However, much more remain to be achieved to make Rwanda a crime-free country,” said IGP Munyuza.

IGP Munyuza pointed out that RNP prioritizes community policing, among others, which plays a big role in preventing and controlling crimes.

“In the daily duties of RNP, we strengthen cooperation and collaboration with other judicial institutions, security organs, local leaders, public and private entities as well as the general public, through community-oriented policing, which contribute to the better security management,” IGP Munyuza explained.

He further said that the Police discipline has improved over time due to enhanced command and control, close supervision and inspection as well as improved welfare.

Minister Ugirashebuja thanked RNP for the milestone and noted that the existing security is the real indice indicating the Police performance.

“The efforts to realize the current security in Rwanda are impressive and commendable, and international reports have shown the quality and professionalism of our Police, which further defines the security we enjoy today in Rwanda where people feel safe and secure to move day and night," Minister Ugirashebuja said

"This excellent security we enjoy today did not happen by accident; it is a result of hard work, good leadership and dedicated personnel,” he added.

The Minister said that as the country develops also challenges evolve including crimes, which require the increase in capacity building and acquisition of modern policing equipment.

The minister later toured various RNP facilities at the General Headquarters, including the Police Command and Coordination Center (CCC) and National Emergency Command Center (NEC).