Minister Uwamariya urges students to shun drunkenness, drug abuse

On 20 June 2023 at 12:00

The Minister of Education, Dr. Valentine Uwamariya, on Monday, June 19th, officially opened Intagamburuzwa civic education training and took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of steering clear of drunkenness and drug abuse among the youth.

The training, which commenced on June 17th, 2023, brought together students representing colleagues from various Higher Learning Institutions and Universities.

In her speech, Minister Uwamariya stressed that indulging in such destructive habits only serves to harm their lives, offering no advantages whatsoever. She urged the participants to prioritize integrity and cautioned against associating with negative influences that may lead them astray.

Addressing the issue of drug abuse prevalent among the youth, including university students, Dr. Uwamariya underscored the need to abandon such detrimental practices and instead focus on building a bright future.

She reminded the audience about the adverse consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, emphasizing that continuous cell damage and mental instability are among the long-term effects.

The Minister questioned the purpose of pursuing education if individuals end up experiencing avoidable brain damage and impaired cognitive function.

Minister Uwamariya further attributed the prevalence of drug abuse to negative peer influence, urging students to cultivate positive attitudes and moral behaviors. She emphasized that meaningful education should contribute to personal growth and national development.

Participants of the civic education training expressed their belief that the advice and courses provided would equip them to effect positive change within their respective universities. They vowed to address the issue of immoral conduct among their peers.

Janvier Iribuka, a student from the University of Kigali, highlighted the importance of national development and expressed a strong sense of responsibility toward building the nation.

He acknowledged Rwanda’s past challenges and the progress achieved through the collective efforts of its people. Iribuka affirmed that the youth hold the responsibility to shape the future of their universities and the country as a whole.

Similarly, Usanase Ntaganda from the University of Rwanda pledged to share the Minister’s message with colleagues, with the aim of bringing about visible transformations and helping university students overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

The civic education training, which has been held since 2014, brought together approximately 200 students this year. Over the past three editions, more than 2700 students have participated in the program, contributing to the development and progress of the nation.

Dr. Uwamariya requested students to abandon detrimental practices and instead focus on building a bright future.
Trainees vowed to address the issue of immoral conduct among their peers.
This year's edition brought together around 200 students.