Miss Elsa Iradukunda arrested

On 10 May 2022 at 07:27

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has confirmed that it is holding in its detention Elsa Iradukunda who was crowned Miss Rwanda 2017 over allegedly tampering with investigation in a case of Dieudonné Ishimwe who is facing charges related to sexual abuse.

Miss Iradukunda was arrested on Sunday8th May 2022. She is detained at Remera RIB Station.

The Spokesperson of RIB, Dr. Murangira B.Thierry has told IGIHE that Iradukunda is facing charges including ‘forgery and tampering with investigation’.

It is said that RIB launched investigation into sexual corruption in Miss Rwanda contest in 2019.

Since then, evidences were gathered gradually until the arrest of Dieudonné Ishimwe alias Prince Kid, the CEO of Rwanda Inspiration Back Up which organizes the beauty pageant.

Since the arrest of Prince Kid, IGIHE has learnt, Miss Iradukunda has been contacting all girls who provided testimonies on sexual abuse against them in Miss Rwanda to change their position before the court.

It is said that Iradukunda worked with a notary identified as Nasira Uwitonze who witnessed the signing of concerned individuals as they wrote letters repudiating testimonies pinning Ishimwe.

IGIHE has learnt that some of witnesses who provided testimonies to RIB revealed that they were sexually abused by Ishimwe at different times.

Ishimwe was arrested on 25th April 2022 over sexual abuse to participants of Miss Rwanda beauty pageant at different times. He faces three charges including rape, soliciting or offering sexual favours, and harassment connected to sexual relations.

It is said that Miss Elsa has been in love with Ishimwe with whom, they planned marriage. According to sources, this pushed her to make attempts to tamper with evidences to get Ishimwe released.

RIB has also confirmed that Nasira Uwitonze was also arrested over allegedly validating factless statements.

On Monday 9th May 2022, the Ministry of Youth and Culture also announced the temporary suspension of Miss Rwanda contest due to ongoing investigation into alleged sexual abuse to contestants.

Miss Elsa is accused of tampering with evidences and forgery.
Miss Elsa has been arrested.