Mother Mary International School complex introduces e-learning program to upcountry students

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 24 August 2020 at 06:09

While the schools are still closed, the Mother Mary International School Complex in Kibagabaga in Kigali City is going to be registering students living upcountry, allowing them to continue their education, and expand its activities in the Great Lakes region.

The school continues its program of teaching and educating students with their E-Learning program. It is reassuring to parents whose student will be attending classes, as they are equipped with the most advanced technology.

The school also announced that they will be opening branches in the Great Lakes region and that its E-Learning program allows anyone and anywhere in the world to attend classes without hindrance.

The school has professional and trained teachers; is a school that uses the French program in Nursery and English Cambridge program in primary and secondary schools.

A student graduating in the Mother Mary International School Complex is awarded an English General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), and a B2 French Diploma (Diploma d’Etudes en Langue Français). He is also graduating from A’Level High School at the end of his 12th year, which is open to the world’s largest universities.

The principal of the school told IGIHE that the E-Learning program was intensified after seeing the effects of the coronavirus.

“Mother Mary’s administration, seeing that the children have stopped studying because of Covid-19, immediately set up an online learning program so that they do not lose out all year. They had already studied for a semester and a half, and they immediately went on to finish the second and third semesters of the year and now they are on vacation. So now we are starting a new year in September,” the principal said

The Principal also called on parents of the children who study at the school and those who want to register their children.

Enrolling a new student is done online. Go to the school website and start the registration process and be explained step by step.

The registration fee is 10,000Frw paid to BK (Bank of Kigali) using the account number found on the school website. After paying the tuition fee, the parent gives the child a computer with internet access. The school will then connect the student with the teacher who will be supervising them, allowing them to study from home.
For any more information, call +250788229642 or +250783697068.