MTN Rwanda launches of eSIM technology

On 20 June 2023 at 04:00

MTN Rwandacell PLC (MTN Rwanda) has launched eSIM technology service for all customers with compatible smart devices across the national footprint.

eSIM, short for embedded SIM, is a revolutionary virtual SIM technology that replaces the physical SIM card with an integrated chip within the smart device. With this new technology, customers using smart devices can activate their SIM profiles digitally, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card. This provides users with the convenience of seamlessly switching between multiple mobile numbers on a single SIM device, enabling them to connect smart devices like their smartphones, tablets, and smart watches digitally.

“We are excited to introduce our customers to this new technology that represents a paradigm shift and offers convenience and ease. At MTN, it’s crucial for us to ensure our customers’ experience is not only seamless but suitable to their evolving needs. The days of struggling to insert tiny SIM cards and the hassle of transferring them between devices are long behind us. Now, with a few taps, you can effortlessly activate it within the palm of your hand,” commented Mapula Bodibe, MTN Rwanda Chief Executive Officer.

The eSIM platform will enable MTN to offer its range of services including Voice, SMS, Data, USSD and MOMO services through an embedded SIM that is eSIM technology enabled.

Customers with compatible smart devices are encouraged to visit any MTN Service Center across the country to purchase their eSIM. eSIM registration requires the same process as obtaining a physical SIM, as set by the regulatory authorities. Customers are required to present their ID/Passport and get their photograph taken (if they are new customers) to activate eSIM at MTN Service Centers.

Bodibe added “But eSIM will offer more than just convenience to our customers; it is a gateway to endless opportunities for businesses, travellers, and remote workers who desire innovative solutions that provide flexibility and choice.”

Customers are encouraged to dial *#06# to check if their smart devices are e-sim compatible. If the device is eSIM capable, customer will see the Unique Identification number (EID or eSIM Identifier).

“MTN is empowering customers to effortlessly embrace the digital world. We remain committed to drive the adoption of advanced technological, redefining convenience, and delivering seamless connectivity.” said Desire Ruhinguka, MTN Rwanda acting Chief Digital and Consumer Officer.

MTN Rwanda envisions a future where connectivity is no longer bound by physical limitations. It is a future where consumers are empowered, businesses thrive, and innovation knows no bounds. The introduction of the eSIM reaffirms MTN’s commitment to leading digital solutions for Rwanda’s progress and provides our valued customers with the benefits of a modern connected life.

About MTN Rwandacell

MTN Rwandacell Plc (MTN Rwanda) is the market leader in mobile telecommunications in Rwanda.

Since 1998, the telecom has continuously invested in expanding and modernising network.

MTN Rwanda offers various services to subscribers, including innovative propositions such as personalised voice and data offers with MTN Irekure. The company is also the front runner in mobile financial services in Rwanda with Mobile Money, MoMoPay and MoKash Loans and Savings.