MTN Rwanda marks 25 years of pioneering mobile telecommunications

On 19 October 2023 at 11:29

The leading player in Rwanda’s mobile telecommunications sector marked its 25th anniversary on October 18th. The grand celebration took place at "Intare Conference Arena," drawing a distinguished assemblage of senior executives from the South African conglomerate, global telecom luminaries attending the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Rwanda, high-ranking political dignitaries of the nation, and influential figures representing diverse domains.

Speaking at the event, President Paul Kagame, lauded MTN Rwanda’s quarter-century tenure in the country and acknowledged the audacious gambles taken by both parties during that epoch.

Kagame acknowledged the shared risks taken by both parties, reflecting on their mutual journey.

He expressed genuine contentment at the notable achievements made over the past quarter-century, emphasizing that these accomplishments warrant celebration. Kagame remained steadfast in his belief that the future holds even more promise for this collaboration.

He went on to elucidate the collaborative journey between Rwanda and South Africa, harkening back to its inception four years before the formal investment, when Rwanda was endeavoring to rise from the ashes, while South Africa was emerging from the tumultuous history of apartheid.

He recounted how, in 1998, during a cabinet meeting convened to approve the company entrusted with launching the mobile telecommunications sector in the country. The Head of State underscored the significance of adopting cutting-edge and forward-looking technology.

This stance contrasted with other government members who favored a Rwandan-owned company among the bidders, a firm that had provided substantial support during the liberation war but possessed only analog technology.

He reminded his colleagues at the time that the nation required technology capable of efficiently serving its populace, leading to the selection of MTN’s proposal.

The head of state conveyed his joy in celebrating the enduring partnership with MTN Rwanda, characterized by occasional challenges but ultimately proving mutually beneficial.

"Today, we have millions of individuals with mobile phones in their hands, and others who benefit from MTN Mobile Money... let us continue to build upon this foundation," he emphasized, extending an invitation to the company’s leaders to consider Rwanda as their second home.

Kagame stated that there are millions of people holding mobile phones, and others reaping the advantages of MTN Mobile Money nowadays and stressed the importance of further developing this groundwork.

Since 1998, MTN Rwanda has remained steadfast in its commitment to expand and modernize its network, along with fostering innovative digital solutions for Rwanda’s advancement.

At the MWC summit, MTN Rwanda unveiled the country’s inaugural live 5G network technology, aimed at delivering advanced, high-speed mobile internet services. This development is poised to significantly reduce latency and substantially enhance the internet user experience.

With its transformative capabilities, 5G is anticipated not only to enhance digital experiences but also to invigorate economic growth and further reinforce the nation’s digital inclusion agenda.

The glamorous event took place at Intare Conference Arena.