Multi-storey building worth Rwf7 billion to be developed at former premises of Butare Prefecture

On 5 May 2022 at 01:14

Thirty one investors from Huye District are set to build a multi-storey facility worth Rwf7 billion at former premises of Butare Prefecture. The facility will feature different businesses to provide services that residents used to seek from Kigali.

The former premises of Butare Prefecture where the building is set to be developed is currently used as offices of Ngoma Sector, Police and Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) stations as well as Huye Community Radio.

It will be built by traders grouped in Huye Trading Company (HTC) which has allocated Rwf7 billion for the building to be developed in a plot of land stretched on more 19,000 square meters.

Albert Niyonzima who is heading the company has said that they decided to set up the building considering investment opportunities available in Huye.

“After realizing available investment opportunities in our town and plots of land, we joined hands as traders in the town to erect a building that will address some of the district’s problems and promote private investors living there,” he said.

Niyonzima explained that the building will be comprised of hotels, restaurants, shops, markets and modern markets, grocery stores, office spaces and car parking among others.

The investors plan to start construction activities in July 2022 and complete the first phase in one year. As of today, the have raised Rwf320 million which they plan to increase in a short time span.

Jeannette Muhimpundu, one of these investors has said that the building is also expected to provide job opportunities to people majority of whom being the youth.

“It is one of avenues to improve visibility and development of our district while helping people to get jobs during construction and after,” she said.

The Mayor of Huye District, Ange Sebutege has said that the district has different infrastructures including roads, water, electricity and internet facilitating investors and urged others to take advantage of idle land to contribute to the development of Huye town and individual growth as well.

The artistic impression of the building to be erected.