Musanze model village to accommodate over 140 families

On 29 March 2021 at 11:41

Musanze district is constructing a model village in Kinigi sector expected to provide decent shelter for 144 families that used to live in slums once completed.

Kinigi Model Village will be equipped with infrastructure including a health center, business center workshop locally known as ‘Agakiriro’, classrooms, a market and sheds for 6000 chickens that will be donated to beneficiaries to spur economic growth and improve wellbeing.

So far, construction activities stand at 63%.

During a handover ceremony between the current Minister of Local Government , Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi and his successor to the leadership of Northern Province, Dancille Nyirarugero held recently on 22nd March 2021, Gatabazi urged his successor to prioritize the project and fast track its completion.

“We are preparing for the 27th Liberation anniversary at national level. The day will be celebrated in Kinigi coinciding with the launch of the model village under construction to accommodate 144 families. It also has other linked projects aimed at transforming beneficiaries welfare. The onus is upon you to continue following up the construction of the model village and related infrastructure,” he said.

As she visited Kinigi model Village on 25th March 2021, Governor Nyirarugero witnessed the progress of the project and requested contractors to move fast its completion because all required materials are available.

“The current construction progress is commendable because the remaining works can be easily implemented fast. We have requested them to move fast the rest and make final touches early,” she said.

Over 400 residents got job opportunities during the construction of the model village.

“We had never expected such great project to be implemented in our area. Every primitive person was attributed to hail from Kinigi. We could only see model villages and smart houses on televisions and thing they are only meant or Kigali residents. We are glad that we have been employed and earned money from such state-of-the art infrastructure developed in our area,” said Jean Claude Ndayambaje.

“It is a blessing because we never expected such beautiful houses here in Kinigi. Moreover, we are growing financially and improving livelihoods because we got jobs at the construction of the model village,” said another resident, Angélique Nyiratebuka.

The model village is expected to be inaugurated at the celebration of the 27th liberation anniversary on 4th July 2021.

The Governor of Northern Province, Dancille Nyirarugero with other officials visiting the model village under construction.