Ndineza Organization donates wheelchairs to persons living with disabilities

By Eliane Irakoze
On 26 September 2022 at 03:43

Ndineza Organization has put a smile on the faces of people living with disabilities in Gasabo District with the donation of 30 wheelchairs.

In partnership with Food For The Hungry, the donation made on Friday 23rd September 2022 saw beneficiaries receiving wheelchairs worth more than Rwf450,000 each.

Founded by Rwandan gospel singer Aline Gahongayire in 2016, Ndineza Organization is a non-governmental organization which aims to promote the wellbeing of disadvantaged people and alleviate human suffering through acts of generosity.

Belia Mushimiyimana, a mother of six, is one of beneficiaries who received wheelchairs on Friday. She considered it an essential tool helping her to lead a better life.

“I am grateful to God from the bottom of my heart for working with his child, Aline Gahongayire, to [provide me with a new wheelchair. TI have had an old wheelchair in poor conditions that I could no move easily, thanks to the latest godsend. I am ready to run a business whenever I get financial support because I can now move easily," she noted.

Wardun Dusabimana, hailing from Gasabo used to walk with crutches. They were once broken that he was obliged to crawl. Dusabimana expressed delight for the gift which he considers the beginning of improved wellbeing.

Pauline Umwali, Gasabo District Executive Administrator revealed that such a partnership with a charity facilitates the implementation of a number of government programs.

“We work in close collaboration with our partners in Gasabo District to roll out different social protection initiatives, pay school fees for children from poor families, build homes for the homeless and other activities to promote the well-being of citizens. Ndineza has donated 40 wheelchairs out of 125 we wanted to distribute among residents. The gesture is much welcome,” she said.

Speaking at the recent event, Aline Gahongayire revealed that the organization, sponsors and partners are proud to be part of the great gesture to support persons with disabilities.

“As part of our commitment to assist persons with disabilities from vulnerable and vulnerable families in Rwanda, particularly in the Gasabo District, we are here once again on this momentous occasion to donate another batch of wheelchairs," she said.

“As the Ndineza Foundation, our vision is to go further and expand support to beneficiaries in other locations across the country. We are convinced that we can deliver on our mission with God’s help," Gahongayire added.

In 2020, Ndineza also donated more 40 wheelchairs to needy beneficiaries.

Persons living with disabilities commended the kind gesture.
Gahongayire interacting with wheelchair beneficiaries.
Gahongayire chatting with one of beneficiaries after the handover of wheelchairs on Friday.
Gahongayire thanked God for the successful handover of wheelchairs to beneficiaries.
Beneficiaries of the 30 wheelchairs handed over recently are from Gasabo District.