New housing estate ‘Ituze Village’ to be developed in Kanombe

On 28 January 2023 at 08:21

“Imara Properties”, a real estate developer has unveiled “Ituze Village”, a project expected to build housing units in Kanombe Sector of Kicukiro District.

Ituze Village will be developed on a plot of land located in Amahoro Village, Busanza Cell of Kanombe Sector in Kicukiro District.

The project was unveiled on 25th January 2023 during a ceremony held at Onomo Hotel. It brought together different officials, investors, bank executives and representatives from the real estate sector.

Established in 2020, Imara Properties is a joint venture between three Rwandans and three French nationals.

For the past three years, the company has overhauled Kigali’s settlements through various projects.

It has so far constructed modern housing units under “Isange Estate Rebero” completed in two phases. The first is comprised of 15 units while the second is comprised of 12 apartments and six villas for main residence or rental investment.

The CEO and Co-founder of Imara Properties, David Benazeraf has said that the third project is expected to meet housing demands for people seeking to own homes.

He disclosed that the company makes possible effort to contribute to urban settlements and meet clients’ needs despite existing large demand.

The units to be built under Ituze Village are relatively cheaper compared to the recently completed project in Rebero.

Benazeraf explained that housing prices might vary depending on numerous reasons including the value of plots of land and hiked cost of construction materials.

He revealed that the new prices will be ranging from Rwf59 million to Rwf90 million even though they might increase in some instances.

Benazeraf also said that more projects to build houses aligning with Kigali City Master Plan are under consideration.

Eco-friendly buildings

Architect Shyaka Hyppolyte who produced the design of Ituze Village has told IGIHE environmental preservation aspects will be considered during construction.

The housing units will be constructed using environment friendly bricks among other construction materials.

The first phase to build 50 housing units in Ituze Village will begin in March 2023.

The village will feature storey buildings with two or three floors that can be paid in installments. They are expected to be completed early 2024. The houses will have four rooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen and parking.

Individuals seeking to buy plots of land to build houses on their own have been also thought of in this project. Prices of the plots of land on the parcel between 300 and 419 square meters range from Rwf18 million to Rwf25 million.

Ituze Village is located in one of Kigali’s fast developing areas. Reaching the village from Kigali Convention Center is 20-minute drive.

It has a space dedicated for playgrounds including a basketball court, children’s recreational facilities, shops and food stores among others.

Contribution to urban settlements

Imara Properties has played a critical role in the execution of two mega projects to revamp urban settlements in Kigali City. These include Isange Estate Rebero.

The project was completed in two phases where the first one comprised of 15 housing units was officially inaugurated on 29th July 2022.

Construction of the second phase comprised of six villas and 12 apartments began in September 2022 where all houses have been already sold out except few apartments. They are expected to be handed over to rightful owners in November 2023.

Rwanda, especially the capital city, is in dire need of new and urban residential apartments to accommodate its rapidly growing population, which is expected to hit 22 million in 2050.

This stresses the need to draw attention to the country’s small land area and develop affordable homes to attract the growing middle class residents.

Starting from the current urbanisation rate of 18%, Rwanda’s Vision 2050 is targeting a 70% urbanisation rate by 2050.

Rwanda plans to build at least 150,000 new residential houses annually to cope with the growing population and hit the target of 5.5 million by 2050.

To this end, it has designated 1,100 hectares across the country including 890 in Kigali for affordable housing units.

Kigali City needs 859,000 houses to cater for the demand of 3.8 million dwellers in 2050.

So far, 1692 houses have been constructed under six projects in Kigali and secondary cities while others to provide 9000 houses are underway.

Artistic impression of Ituze Village to be developed in Kanombe.
Imara Properties has executed mega projects including Isange Estate in Rebero.
The bird view of the plot of land where new housing units are set to be built under Ituze Village project.
The CEO and Co-founder of Imara Properties, David Benazeraf has said that the third project is expected to meet housing demands for people seeking to own homes.
Staff and founders of Imara Properties in a group photo at the unveiling of Ituze Village project.