New Rector of ILPD, Dr. Karimunda outlines great ambitions for the institution

By Esther Muhozi
On 7 November 2023 at 01:13

The Cabinet meeting held on October 20, 2023, appointed Dr. Aimé Muyoboke Karimunda as the new Rector of the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD). He succeeded Dr. Yves Sezirahiga, who had been serving as the acting Rector for quite some time.

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE, Dr. Karimunda outlined his objectives, focusing on advancing the development of the legal field in the region and across Africa. He also emphasized the significance of expanding the institution’s infrastructure.

Dr. Karimunda underscored the central role of law in all aspects of a country’s life. He emphasized ILPD’s role in efficiently contributing to the training of professionals across various sectors, stating, "The law applies universally, and both government and private sectors adhere to it. Those responsible for upholding justice, such as the judiciary, the police, the attorney’s office, and the justice system, are instrumental in this process."

Rwanda was recently ranked as the top country in Africa and 41st globally in terms of the rule of law in the 2023 annual report on the rule of law by the International Institute for the Rule of Law, World Justice Project Index. Dr. Karimunda credited this success to ILPD, recognizing the institution’s pivotal role in producing professionals who enforce the law.

Dr. Karimunda expressed his commitment to continuing the program aimed at enhancing the capabilities of legal practitioners, not only in Rwanda but throughout Africa. He emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and progress in achieving this goal.

Among other initiatives, Dr. Karimunda highlighted ILPD’s vision of making a lasting contribution to legal education in Africa. He acknowledged the positive impact of the institution on foreign students who benefit from the program and subsequently return to their home countries to make valuable contributions.

Dr. Karimunda also discussed plans for expanding ILPD’s infrastructure, including the construction of a conference hall and additional dormitories to accommodate both Rwandan and foreign students. He stressed the need for spacious facilities to meet the growing demand for legal education and professional development.

In terms of accommodation, he expressed the intention to increase capacity to ensure that all students have access to suitable living arrangements, reducing the need for students to reside in surrounding communities or inadequate housing.

Dr. Karimunda also emphasized the importance of developing recreational infrastructure, such as playgrounds, recognizing that ILPD’s primary audience is young people who would benefit from such amenities.

Dr. Aimé Muyoboke Karimunda, a former Supreme Court Judge, is now the fifth person to hold the role of ILPD Rector.

He officially assumed his role as Rector in October 2023.

Dr. Aimé Muyoboke Karimunda is now the fifth person to hold the role of ILPD Rector.