Ngoma: Young man’s apparent suicide linked to love troubles

On 4 October 2023 at 07:52

A 23-year-old young man from Ngoma District has been found hanging from a jackfruit tree, raising suspicions of suicide. It is said that this grim occurrence marks his third attempt at taking his own life, with his previous attempts having been thwarted by a vigilant friend.

Sources suggest that his anguish may have stemmed from a romantic disappointment, as it is believed he was let down by his girlfriend in favor of another man.

The tragic news of his demise shook the public on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023. His body was found in Remera Village, the Kigoma Cell, Jarama Sector of Ngoma District in Eastern Province.

The young man, who resided with his parents, had been involved with a girlfriend who recently developed feelings for someone else. This change deeply affected him, especially when the girl ceased to answer his calls. This rejection seemingly led him to contemplate suicide, convinced he could not endure life without his beloved.

Charles Mugirwanake, the executive secretary of Jarama Sector, acknowledged the suspicion surrounding the young man’s suicide, which appeared to be driven by love’s betrayal. However, he refrained from confirming this speculation. He did, however, reveal the unsettling fact that the young man had previously made two unsuccessful suicide attempts.

"Indeed, this morning, the lifeless body of the young man was discovered hanging from a jackfruit tree. According to his relatives, this marked his third attempt at taking his own life. They informed us that he had a girlfriend who eventually shifted her affections to other young men, abandoning him. It is rumored that he confided in his friends, expressing his belief that he could not go on without the girl," stated Mugirwanake.

Further details disclosed that the night prior to the tragic incident, the young man had spent time with friends, sharing his despair over life’s burdens. Local authorities, alongside security officials, promptly responded to the scene, ensuring that the body was transported to hospital for a postmortem before its final resting place.

Mugirwanake urged residents to reach out to friends or community leaders for support and guidance during difficult times, emphasizing the importance of seeking help rather than resorting to drastic actions.