No security official of Uganda who fights Rwanda would retain his job – Gen Muhoozi

On 22 April 2022 at 06:41

Lt Gen Muhoozi, Senior Presidential Advisor on Special Operations and Commander of Land Forces of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) has revealed some of topics of discussions with President Paul Kagame during his first visit to Rwanda including the dismissal of any security official in his country fighting Rwanda.

Lt Gen Muhoozi has come to Rwanda two times this year on a mission to mend ties between Uganda and Rwanda that had worsened since 2017.

Since he was involved in the process to restore relations to normal, Lt Gen Muhoozi has been warning Rwanda’s dissidents that they have no place in Uganda.

He also echoed similar message in February where he warned Kayumba against using his country to threaten Rwanda’s security.

His previous visit to Rwanda was on 22nd January 2022, a move that was followed by the reopening of Gatuna border.

Later on, Rwanda reopened all land borders on 7th March 2022.

During his second visit to Rwanda which lasted three days, Lt Gen Muhoozi met with President Paul Kagame who also gifted him cows before returning to Uganda.

At the time, the Presidency revealed via Twitter handle that discussions revolved around bilateral relations.

Gen Muhoozi who often uses his Twitter handle to express views on issues including relations with Rwanda has posted a message detailing topics of discussions with Kagame during his first visit.

“The first day I reconnected with my uncle 3 months ago, I promised him a number of things. First of all, as Commander Land Forces, UPDF, my army would never attack Rwanda. Secondly, no security official of Uganda who fights Rwanda would retain his job. More to follow...” he tweeted.

Lt Gen Muhoozi posted the message along his pictures with President Kagame on his first visit.

Rwanda had voiced concerns over Uganda’s collaboration with dissidents, abducting, torturing Rwandans and obstructing Rwanda’s trade interests.

Following the first visit of Lt Gen Muhoozi, the Deputy Spokesperson of the Government of Rwanda, Alain Mukuralinda said that Rwanda had already raised concerns of dissidents with intentions to threaten Rwanda’s security operating in Uganda and highlighted that it is time to put into action what is needed most to bring the situation to normal following discussions, signed agreements, transmission of messages through envoys.

Lt Gen Muhoozi with President Paul Kagame on his first visit to Rwanda.