Northern Province: Police in awareness campaign on Covid-19 prevention

On 30 June 2021 at 06:22

Rwanda National Police (RNP) and partners in the Northern Province have started an outreach programme to sensitize the business community in the region on Covid-19 prevention measures.

The campaign, which started on Monday, June 28, brings together the Police, Private Sector Federation (PSF), local leaders and youth volunteers in community to supplement the national efforts against the second wave of the pandemic.

The sensitization campaign started in Musanze District, Busogo Sector where traders were educated on the health guidelines and government directives.

In Rulindo District, the sensitization was extended to traders operating in Base market while in Gakenke District, the awareness was rolled out to traders working in Gakenke trading center.

Equally in Burera District, it was held in separate trading centers while in Gicumbi District; traders in markets, shops and Gicumbi taxi-park were educated.

The Governor of the Northern Province, Dancille Nyirarugero, while speaking to traders in Busogo, urged the them to operate responsibly while observing all the Covid-19 prevention guidelines.

"Do not be the source for Covid-19 spread or be infected by your clients. Remember, the Northern Province ranks second after City of Kigali with the highest Covid-19 cases and particularly Musanze and Busogo sector have the highest number of cases," Governor Nyirarugero said.

She reminded them of the threat the virus poses to people’s lives and urged them to ensure maximum observance of the government directives and recommended safety guidelines.

Complancency, the Governor said, can be fatal and urged them to change their behaviours and be responsive in their businesses.

"Wear face masks at all times, sanitize or wash hands as many times as possible, avoid unnecessary movements, and ensure your customers maintain social distancing at your shops and do not allow them inside the shop," the Governor told the traders.
Donatha Mukanyarwaya, PSF representative in the Northern Province, appealed to the local traders to take part in ensuring that the health measures are respected and enforced.

The Northern Region Police Commander (RPC) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Reverien Rugwizangoga, urged traders not to operate under watch but to own the responsibility.

"We have all experienced the ill-effects of Covid-19. We are still seeing daily infections and deaths, and the situation is still fragile. Being providers of essential services, you equally have a big role to play. Follow the directives, close early to get home in time to prevent violating the curfew," ACP Rugwizangoga told the traders.

He also warned against operating prohibited businesses adding that the focus is to save lives but not to arrest or to fine violators.

The RPC urged them not to fear the Police or administrative fines but rather Covid-19 because it kills.

ACP Reverien Rugwizangoga, the Northern Region Police Commander (RPC) with other Police stakeholders while checking whether traders adhere to Covid-19 directives.