Not everything will go back to normal - Kagame on travel fares

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 23 October 2020 at 02:53

President Paul Kagame has said that as many things are being readjusted due to the Coronavirus pandemic, everything is not going to go back to normal, which is why the government is going to look into the possibility to ease the people transportation following the complaints on the new prices that had been set.

He made the remarks on Thursday while officiating at the swearing-in ceremony of six new Senators who have joined the upper house.

Addressing participants at the swearing-in ceremony of the senators, President Kagame said that while the country is coming out of the crisis caused by Coronavirus, it is unlikely that everything will return to normal.

“I have been seeing people cry out about the problems of transport, that it is expensive. It’s a problem because when following closely on the matter of this pandemic we are now facing, as we are moving out of it, not all things can automatically go back to the way they used to be, that is why it is important to inform the public the importance of the decisions you are taking.” he said.

President Kagame said the demands of the people were being considered but stressed that even the resumption of movements, and more activities resuming is also a good step.

“Try to explain to the public that we are doing everything we can, that there is nothing we would not do to try and reduce the impact of these problems but that they should also look elsewhere and that solutions to problems are not always easy to find, it requires patience and good work from all of us,” he advised.