Nyagatare: Five stolen cows recovered in Uganda

On 18 January 2021 at 10:19

Five cows and three goats stolen by encroachers from Uganda have been seized and returned to rightful owners in Nyagatare district, Eastern Province.

In the wee hours of Friday 15th January 2021, thieves from Uganda stole eight cows, five goats in Tabagwe sector, Nyagatare district after crossing to Rwanda through illegal entries.

The theft took place in Nyagatare village, Gishuru cell of Tabagwe sector in the vicinity of the border between Rwanda and Uganda.

The executive secretary of Tabagwe sector, Célestin Munyangabo has told IGIHE that they have been linking up with local leaders from Uganda that has yielded to recover some of stolen livestock.

“Five cows and three goats have been returned. We spotted places where stolen livestock were taken and liaised with local leaders in Uganda who seized and returned them. We have handed over recovered livestock to owners,” he said.

Munyangabo revealed that counterparts from Uganda promised to return remaining three cows when they are seized.

Following the theft, he explained that they have tightened patrols to prevent livestock rustling and thanked local leaders from Uganda for the fruitful cooperation that led to the recovery of stolen livestock.

Nyagatare is one of districts in the neighborhood of Uganda. It has six sectors touching the border namely; Matimba, Musheri, Karama, Tabagwe, Kiyombe and Rwempasha.

The executive secretary of Tabagwe sector has explained that they have tightened patrols to prevent livestock rustling.