Nyagatare tops in performance contracts, Burera tails

On 1 March 2023 at 08:02

Nyagatare has topped other districts in performance contracts for the year 2021/2022 with 81.64% while Burera took the rear seat with 61.7% points.

The results were announced on Tuesday 28th February 2023 during the closing ceremony of the 18th edition of National Dialogue Council (Umushyikirano).

During the ceremony, ministries, public institutions including Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), Rwanda Development Board (RDB) as well as Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB) signed new performance contracts (imihigo).

Prime Minister, Dr. Edouard Ngirente explained that the first six districts namely; Nyagatare, Huye, Nyaruguru, Rwamagana and Rusizi did not register a difference of more than 2.5 points

Meanwhile, the last six districts including Nyamagabe, Gakenke, Gicumbi, Musanze, Rutsiro and Burera scored below the average.

Premier Ngirente urged leaders to fill the remaining gap to achieve intended results.

He disclosed that the grading considered full implementation of different projects because it was not agreed to achieve performance contracts halfway.

At provincial level, the Eastern Province emerged the best with 79% points followed by Southern Province with 78%.

The Western Province took the third place with 76% followed by Kigali City with 75% while the Northern Province tailed with 70%.

President Paul Kagame blamed the least performing districts and observed that they share the same problems that should be assessed.

“The first possible reason in Burera, is the abundance of Kanyanga [illicit gin]. Please, follow up and prove me wrong. […] Besides, Nyagatare’s best performance might be a result of reduced consumption of Kanyanga. It also used to face the same problem,” he said.

“Leadership is the other likely reason. There might be leadership problems. You also need to assess this issue,” added Kagame.

Kagame has also criticized leaders who choose to turn a blind eye, finding comfort in perpetuating wrongs.

He underscored that it is the same as choosing to sit in dirt, and ‘waiting for someone to come and tell you that you are seated in it’.

Full results:

1. Nyagatare: 81.64%

2. Huye: 80.97%

3. Rulindo:79.86%

4. Nyaruguru: 79.76%

5. Rwamagana: 79.57%

6. Rusizi: 79.27%

7. Ruhango: 79.11%

8. Gatsibo: 79.05%

9. Kamonyi: 79.02%

10. Ngoma: 79.00%

11. Karongi: 78.97%

12. Muhanga: 78.90%

13. Rubavu: 78.74%

14. Kirehe: 78.68%

15. Gisagara: 78.55%

16. Nyabihu: 78.41%

17. Kayonza: 78.15%

18. Ngororero: 77.76%

19. Nyanza: 77.66%

20. Bugesera: 77.26%

21. Nyamasheke: 76.66%

22. Nyamagabe: 71.11%

23. Gakenke: 70.91%

24. Gicumbi: 70.88%

25. Musanze: 67.65%

26. Rutsiro: 66.27%

27. Burera: 61.79%

President Kagame in a group photo with mayors leading districts that topped in performance contracts.
President Kagame requested the least perfoming districts to make improvements.
Premier Ngirente handing over the award to the Mayor of Nyagatare, Gasana Stephen.
The Mayor of Huye, Sebutege Ange (right) receiving the award for second place.
The Mayor of Rulindo District, Mukanyirigira Judith receiving an award from Premier Ngirente.
Premier Ngirente said that no performance contract should be achieved half-way.