Nyamagabe gets suspension bridge worth Rwf 74 million

On 2 February 2021 at 10:54

A suspension bridge crossing over River Mwogo has been completed in Nyamagabe district expected to facilitate movements and connect residents in surrounding communities.

The bridge worth Rwf 74 million will provide essential safe access for the local communities.

The bridge comes in handy as neighboring communities will get relief from River Mwogo floods that have been causing grievous damages to the environment and resulting into deaths in some cases.

The flooding of the river flowing through Kamegeri sector has been obstructing movements with students missing classes while some residents trying to cross the flooded river were swept away.

Residents in neighboring communities have told IGIHE that the river washed away nine people recently whose bodies were not retrieved.

“The river once washed away four people from a nearby business center. Later on, four residents including a woman and a child were swept away but efforts to retrieve their bodies remained futile,” said Ntakirutimana Vincent.

Nyamagabe district vice mayor for economic affairs, Kabayiza Lambert has explained that the bridge was constructed to enhance free movements.

“The bridge constructed last year connects Kamegeri, Rususa and Bwama cells in Kamegeri sector,” he said.

Kabayiza also revealed that Nyamagabe district has expended considerable resources to remove barriers hindering movements including the renovation of bridges.

“We built four suspension bridges in 2020 that were an addition to three bridges constructed the previous year,” he said.

Other bridges were built in Kamegeri, Cyanika and Gatare sectors among others.
The district targets to build 30 suspension bridges over different rivers.

The bridge comes in handy as neighboring communities will get relief from River Mwogo floods.