Nyamasheke: Over 100 disaster-hit families resettled in model village

On 7 July 2022 at 03:11

A total of 117 families affected by disasters in Bushekeli Sector of Nyamasheke District have been resettled in a model village built in the same sector.

Beneficiaries were seriously affected by landslides in May 2021 which destroyed a large number of houses and other infrastructures, leaving them homeless.

Following the incident, the government in collaboration with partners provided the financial support worth Rwf250,000 for affected residents to rent houses.

Claudine Muhawenimana expressed delight for received decent shelter noting that it will relieve her of pressure from landlords.

She also thanked good Samaritans for having stayed with them during challenging times and the Ministry of Emergency Management (MINEMA) for funding the construction of decent shelters.

Muhawenimana plans to save monthly rental fees so that she can resume her business of selling ripe banana.

Jeannette Uzayisenga has welcomed the support from the government and appealed for more support to install new houses with electricity.

“They are houses built of bricks. When children wake up during night hours, they hit walls because we have no lights inside. Besides, children cannot revise courses overnight due to the lack of electricity,” she said.

The Minister of Emergency Management, Marie Solange Kayisire has requested beneficiaries to keep taking good care of these shelters and assured them that they will be connected to electricity in the near future.

“The governor has shed light on the issue of electricity. It is among infrastructures Rwandans deserve. The seven-year National Strategy for Transformation seeks to connect everyone to electricity. That is why he told you that President of the Republic has addressed the matter. As leaders, it is our responsibility to put it into implementation. You have received the promise, and need to be prepared to switch lights,” she said.

“That is why we expend much effort in disaster management and supporting affected people. We assure our commitment to continue building capacity, partnership with all relevant partners and provide assistance to disaster-hit residents,” added Kayisire.

In the last fiscal year, Nyamasheke District built houses for 160 families affected by disasters including 117 sheltered Bushekeli Sector.

The model village is built in Bushekeli Sector