Nyarugenge residents urged to uphold pact of unity and reconciliation

On 14 April 2021 at 02:23

Survivors of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Kanyinya sector, Nyarugenge district have been urged to uphold the pact of unity and reconciliation in daily lives.

The request has been made by the executive secretary of Nyarugenge district, Emmy Ngabonziza during the commemoration of Tutsi killed on Kani hill located in Kanyinya sector during Genocide .

Many Tutsi were killed on the hill located in Taba cell after the shooting of former President Juvenal Habyarimana. Some of them were from from Jali, Shyorongi seeking refuge to an old woman called Mukarumanzi where they were burnt.

On 13th April 1994, more Tutsi were tricked by the then leadership to be taken to sector offices promising protection but ended up being taken at Kani hill in Nyamweru cell where they were killed.

Ngabonziza told Genocide survivors that they should stick to the pact of unity and reconciliation to avoid reoccurrence of tragic history.

“We need to uphold unity which Rwanda lacked during Genocide against Tutsi. Today, we perceive ourselves in the images of Rwandans not characterized by ethnic divisionism. Rwanda has turned into a strong nation because of promoting right Rwandan values,” he said.

Ngabonziza also highlighted that unity will be a key pillar towards resilience of the nation.

“By staying united, we are assured that we can go far together towards a bright future. This is the pact we request everyone to uphold because we are assured that Rwanda will keep track of attained progress,” he noted.

The President of IBUKA in Kanyinya sector, Emmanuel Nsengiyumva has said that a lot has been achieved along the resilience journey.

“Unity and reconciliation has not been attained to desired extent here. As representatives of IBUKA we will seek how to bring people together because some of them still have suspicion and do not interact normally. Genocide perpetrators should make strides to seek forgiveness from offended survivors,” he stressed.