Nyiramandwa, cherished friend of President Kagame dies at 110

On 30 December 2022 at 01:45

Rachel Nyiramandwa, an elderly woman who has been a cherished friend with President Paul Kagame since 2010, has passed on at the age of 110. She breathed the last in the night leading to Friday 30th December 2022.

The grandmother’s life attracted the general public’s attention since 2010 when she met with President Kagame on his visit to Nyamagabe District.

Nyamagabe District Vice Mayor for Social Affairs, Agnes Uwamariya has told IGIHE that Nyiramandwa died at Butare University Teaching Hospital (CHUB) in Huye District where she spent one month receiving treatment.

Uwamariya said that the granny leaves a great legacy to younger generations due to the generosity and patriotism that characterized her throughout her lifetime.

The grandmother once told IGIHE that she was born at the reign of King Yuhi V Musinga but lost her mother during childhood. She was raised by her aunt who named her ‘Nyiramandwa’.

She is also a survivor of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi which took lives of her husband and three children. Nyiramandwa survived along with her daughter (currently aged 78) with whom they were still living together.

Nyiramandwa is a beneficiary of socio-economic initiatives, including a renovated home and the Girinka programme through which she now has cows that allow her to supply milk to her neighborhood.

Recently on Friday 26th August 2022, President Kagame visited the home of 110-year-old Nyiramandwa located in Ngiryi Cell of Gasaka Sector in Nyamagabe District.

It was on the second-day of his citizen outreach in Nyamagabe District, Southern and Western provinces.

The old woman was heard at different times attesting that the head of state transformed her livelihoods and commended him for his generosity.

Nyiramandwa first met the President in 2010. Since then, the old woman met with Kagame at different times during citizen outreach visits.

Nyiramandwa recently told IGIHE that President Kagame transformed her life through cows’ donation and a decent shelter allowing her to retire in dignity.

Nyamagabe District has announced that it is making arrangements for decent burial of the grandmother.

Nyiramandwa chatting with President Kagame in 2017.
Rachel Nyiramandwa with President Kagame Nyamagabe District in 2019.
Nyiramandwa feeding a cow received from President Kagame.
Nyiramandwa has a decent house in Gasaka Sector of Nyamagabe District.