Mega Global Link invites Rwandans to participate in ’Healing and Business Trip’ in Singapore

On 20 December 2023 at 03:05

Mega Global Link has unveiled an exceptional opportunity for Rwandans and international participants alike to engage in a unique expedition to Singapore, aptly named the ’Healing and Business Trip.’ This distinctive venture is organized under the umbrella of the ’Travel Singapore’ initiative.

Scheduled to unfold from January 17 to 22, 2024, this voyage will see participants departing from Kigali for Rwandans and a convergence of international participants in Singapore.

Dr. Francis Habumugisha, the CEO of Mega Global Link, underscores the dual purpose of this program—addressing mental health concerns and fostering business acumen.

He highlights the pivotal connection between mental well-being and business success, citing instances where individuals face setbacks due to a lack of a resilient mindset. Dr. Habumugisha emphasizes the urgency of tackling mental health issues, as they can potentially lead to adverse consequences, including suicidal tendencies.

The genesis of this initiative took root in Dr. Habumugisha’s observation of global mental health challenges, particularly prevalent among Rwandan youth grappling with familial conflicts. The ’Healing and Business Trip’ aims to provide a sanctuary in Singapore for participants to heal emotional wounds, share knowledge, and fortify their professional and educational pursuits.

Rwandan entrepreneurs partaking in the journey will be strategically connected with Singaporean business entities, fostering collaborative investment opportunities. This reciprocal interaction aims to ease investment processes in both countries, encouraging local investors to explore opportunities in Rwanda and other African regions.

Likewise, international participants converging in Singapore will benefit from similar opportunities, creating a global network for collaborative growth and interaction.

The itinerary also includes various activities such as specialized training, water-based exercises, and sauna sessions, allowing participants to enrich their knowledge and engage in recreational pursuits tailored to Singapore’s unique landscape.

The comprehensive package offered by Mega Global Link ensures participants are well taken care of, covering round-trip airfare, meals, and hotel accommodations.

Prospective participants are encouraged to register at https://megagloballink.com/event/ or reach out via phone at +250 788 300 456. Alternatively, they can visit Mega Global Link’s office situated in Kigali City, behind Makuza building.