Over 1000 Rwandans to join Israel’s agricultural workforce

By Esther Muhozi
On 17 November 2023 at 08:34

Israel’s Ambassador to Rwanda, Einat Weiss, has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative in partnership with the Rwandan government. The plan aims to send around 1000 Rwandans to work in agriculture in Israel.

Amb. Weiss made this announcement on November 15 during the official launch of the ’Seed Resilience’ project. This initiative, initiated by the Israeli non-governmental organization Fair Planet and founded by Dr. Shoshan Haran, is designed to provide Rwandan farmers with high-quality seeds, enhancing the production of vegetables and fruits.

Historically, Rwandans would travel to Israel for education in courses such as horticulture and modern irrigation, returning after a year to apply their acquired knowledge. This time, Amb. Weiss revealed that discussions with the Rwandan government led to the decision to send Rwandans to work in Israel, ensuring they receive the same benefits as Israeli workers.

The ambassador emphasized the need for additional workers, citing Israel’s challenging situation with casualties and ongoing conflict. The program will commence with individuals who have previously participated in a program facilitating Rwandans to study in Israel.

Amb. Weiss stressed the uniqueness of the agreement with Rwanda, highlighting it as the sole African country engaging in such cooperation. Israel, known for its competitive wages, offers attractive prospects for Rwandan workers, with the minimum wage for an employee equivalent to 5,571 Israeli Shekels, approximately Rwf1,826,677.

Discussing Rwandan students participating in internships in Israel, Amb. Weiss noted an increase from 200 to 250 in 2023, with ongoing discussions to potentially raise the number to 450. He expressed the country’s eagerness to see more individuals seize this opportunity.

In addition to the employment initiative, Ambassador Weiss disclosed that Israel is planning various projects beyond the horticulture center of excellence established at Mulindi in the City of Kigali, signaling a broader collaboration between the two nations.

Amb. Weiss at the official launch of the ’Seed Resilience’ project.