Over 300 public buses to be introduced in Kigali

On 27 February 2023 at 02:54

The Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) has said that over 300 public buses will be added on the routes of Kigali City within three months in a bid to address persistent public transport woes.

Patricie Uwase, Minister of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure made the revelation on the first day of the 18th National Dialogue Council (Umushyikirano) held at Kigali Convention Centre.

She explained that the issue of public transport has worsened in Kigali due to transport companies struggling to replace old buses. This has resulted in passengers’ long queues at bus terminals.

“In the near future, we will have introduced over 300 more buses in Kigali City,” said Uwase.

She disclosed that plans to buy new vehicles are in advanced stages.

“Considering the long time passengers spend waiting for buses, it won’t take long to address the issue because we have started negotiating suppliers and have already secured the budget through collaboration with the Ministry of Finance.

We have the money. The remaining thing is to place an order and have the buses used by transport companies upon delivery,” she noted.

“It will be done in no more than three months because placing orders and shipment take time. However, this plan is under consideration and its finalization is in the offing,” added Uwase.

The introduction of new buses will be done through partnership between the government and private sector.

Uwase has also highlighted that there are other alternatives being considered to address woes in public transport upcountry.

In January 2023, President Paul Kagame requested relevant institutions to address citizens’ problems including long dwelling-time for passengers using public transport buses.

He was officiating the swearing-in of new Senate President, Dr. Kalinda François Xavier.

At the time, the Head of State said that the issue needs to be solved durably.

Passengers have been expressing frustration over the delay of buses at bus terminals as it affects their work.

The government has said that over 300 new public buses are to be introduced on the routes of Kigali to address public transport woes.