Over 60 accountants, financial analysts complete professional courses

On 8 June 2022 at 06:07

‘KASNEB’ Rwanda, a branch of Kenyan examinations body has awarded certificates to 63 individuals who successfully completed professional examinations.

Individuals who wish to become qualified professionals in the field of accountancy, finance, credit management, corporate governance and related disciplines; register at KASNEB, where they do examinations and obtain qualifications allowing them to perform at the international level.

These include; Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Investment and Financial Analyst (CIFA), Certified Credit Professional (CCP), Certified Secretaries (CS) and many others.

Recent graduates include Certified Public Accountants and Certified Investment and Financial Analysts.

The certificates of Certified Public Accountants help professionals to become members of a professional regulating body that is affiliated with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

Being a member of such a professional body requires individuals to have successfully completed the professional course and to spend at least 40 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) updating themselves on new trends.

Graduates have revealed that it was a long journey requiring dedication to complete the courses.

Julienne Nyiratwagirimfura enrolled in the certified public accountant (CPA) course in 2011 and graduated in 2012. Nyiratwagirimfura later registered for certified Investment and financial analyst course in 2019 which she completed in 2021 qualifying as a certified investment and financial analyst (CIFA).

“It is difficult but nothing is impossible. Everything is possible whenever you have set goals. I had to secure time for work and courses within the past two years and I am proud that I made it,” she said.

Nyiratwagirimfura has been working as an internal auditor at the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) since 2013.

She explained that the courses have helped her to become more productive at work.

Déo Bakinga, an Internal Auditor at Business Development Fund (BDF) has also revealed that completing such courses requires hard work. He expressed optimism that they will be very helpful to improve performance at work given that they are taken through packages designed to enhance their competencies at the international level.

Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB) has been operating in Rwanda since 2010. It has so far offered over 500 certificates to professional accountants and others in related disciplines.

Jeanne Abayo, KASNEB Rwanda Country Director, has said that the journey is ongoing to increase the number of competent professional accountants in Rwanda.

“We must open our eyes because we are members of East African Community, Commonwealth and others. We no longer see our interests limited in Rwanda. That is why people need professional certifications equipping them with international competences.

Today’s graduates induce pride to us. They worked hard with great zeal to make this achievement. We can confidently assure employers including public and private institutions that these graduates have relevant skills helpful to achieve envisaged goals,” she noted.

Abayo revealed that the 500 graduates are currently employed at different institutions including the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, BNR while others work as heads of different financial institutions in Rwanda.

The Chief Executive Officer of KASNEB, Dr. Nicholas Kibiwot Letting said that the tuition center was introduced to enhance professionalism in the fields of accounting and finance.

He also underscored that the world is going digital where accountants’ skills need to be updated and urged the general public to enroll in such professional courses.

Having existed for over 50 years, KASNEB operates in different countries including Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, South Sudan, Cameroon and Burundi..

The CEO of KASNEB, Dr. Nicholas Kibiwot Letting awarding a certificate to Nyiratwagirimfura.
The CEO of KASNEB (right) handing over CPA certificate to Bakinga.
Graduates following speeches at the ceremony.
The Chief Executive Officer of KASNEB, Dr. Nicholas Kibiwot Letting speaking at the event.
Déo Bakinga, an Internal Auditor at BDF revealed that such professional courses require hard work.