Peace and security in Africa remain high on the agenda - Kagame

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 12 April 2022 at 07:47

President Paul Kagame who is on a three-day visit to Congo Brazzaville has addressed the country’s both chambers of parliament noting that it is time for Africa to seek solutions to address problems that affect the continent.

The Head of State made the revelation as he addressed both chambers of Congo Brazzaville parliament. He highlighted that both Congolese and Rwandan people are united by one goal of building universal sustainable development.

“The people of Rwanda and the Republic of Congo are united by a common vision of a stable and prosperous region. We also share the aspiration to bring African countries and people together, working for a strong, thriving continent,” Kagame noted.

The President also urged the Parliamentarians to take action towards achieving continental prosperity.

“We know the problems that Africa faces. And we also know the solutions. What is missing is for us to move together, from words to action, with a sense of urgency. We cannot take pride in saying the right things, for decades, and then find ourselves many years from now, having said the right things, but not actually achieved much. We need to move to deliver what we have promised ourselves, but above all promised our citizens,” Kagame said.

“It is high time to do better,” he added.

The President said that Africa’s integration should be expedited. ” Africa has been talking about integration and unity for as long as Africa has existed. We need to continue making fast steps. With the vast knowledge and resources our continent has, there is no reason to still be where we are today,” he underscored.

Kagame pointed out an example of the East African Community (EAC) which recently admitted the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as the 7th member noting that it is a significant development, because strong Regional Economic Communities, are essential building blocks for successful continental integration, including the immense opportunities presented by the African Continental Free Trade Area.

As he talked about security, the Head of State thanked his counterpart of Congo Brazzaville, Denis Sassou N’Guesso for his contribution to resolve difficult situations in Libya where he was the Chairperson of the African Union High Level Committee on the issue.

“Peace and security in Africa remain high on the agenda, and both Rwanda and Congo are committed to efforts to resolve ongoing difficult situations, including in the Sahel region, Ethiopia and Somalia,” he stated.

Kagame also reminisced on Rwanda’s contribution to restore peace in the Central African Republic and Mozambique.

“We continue to work with Mozambique to mobilise additional support, needed to sustain the positive gains, and achieve the long-term peace and stability, required for socio-economic development,” he said.

On the second day of the State Visit, the two Heads of State are expected to hold a tête-à-tête followed by a bilateral meeting alongside their respective delegations.

Following the bilateral talks, representatives from both delegations will sign bilateral agreements in the sectors of economic partnership for the promotion and protection of investments, mining, SMEs and handcrafts, culture and arts, as well as youth, sport, and civic education.

President Kagame accompanied by his host Sassou Nguesso will also visit a milk factory in Oyo town.

He will conclude his visit on 13th April 2022.