Police arrest man selling narcotics in his shop

On 27 August 2020 at 02:21

Police in Kamonyi District arrested a man on Tuesday, August 25, who was allegedly using his shop to sell cannabis to consumers.

Jean Paul Niyonsaba, was arrested at his shop located in Gacurabwenge Sector, Gihinga Cell where he was also found selling alcohol and narcotics to his customers.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Aloys Bugingo, the acting District Police Commander (DPC) for Kamonyi, said that Niyonsaba was apprehended at about 10PM.

"Police had information from local residents that Niyonsaba is a drug retailer using his shop as cover," CIP Bugingo said.

He added: "When the deployed Police officers arrived at his shop on Tuesday at about 10PM, they found ten other people drinking and during the search they recovered 52 pellets of cannabis.

He had turned his shop into a bar and narcotics retailing spot. Bars are closed in this period, it was time when everyone was supposed to be home as per the directives, no facemask or social distancing and worse still using the shop to cover his criminal narcotics business."

Niyonsaba admitted to selling cannabis for a while now. He disclosed that this time, he had bought 500 pellets of cannabis from his supplier, and the 52 rolls he was caught with were remaining.

The suspect was handed over to RIB at Gacurabwenge station alongside the exhibits.

The DPC said that the ten other people, who were found drinking were educated and penalized accordingly for violating the directives meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

CIP Bugingo thanked the residents who provided information on the criminal acts and breach of the directives on COVID-19.