Police arrest man with narcotics wrapped around his waist

On 25 August 2020 at 05:53

Emmanuel Nduwayezu, 25, was arrested in Busasamana Sector of Nyanza District with over 700 pellets of cannabis.

Nduwayezu had packed the pellets in polythene bags, which he wrapped around his body and worn inside his shirt and coat.

Earlier that day, Nduwayezu left his home in Nyabihu District, Bigogwe Sector to Rubavu District where he was to collect the narcotics and head to Nyanza where he intended to supply his clients.

According to Superintendent of Police (SP) Evode Nkurunziza, the District Police Commander (DPC) of Nyanza, Police had already received all the detailed information on Nduwayezu’s moves that day.

Nduwayezu is a suspected major drug dealer said to be part of the chain that traffics the narcotics into the country and distributes them in various parts of the Western and Southern regions.

"Before he left Rubavu, informers called us with all the details including his identities, the vehicle he had boarded and the method of trafficking he had applied, so he was arrested red-handed on arrival in Gahondo cell of Busasamana after he disembarked from the public vehicle and attempting to board a motorcycle to his final destination," SP Nkurunziza said.

He added: "The 700 pellets of cannabis were wrapped around his waist making it harder to be identified as a drug trafficker. If it wasn’t for the commendable community policing role of the members of the public, who brought the Police up to speed with credible information, he might not have been arrested."

"Law enforcement organs are working together to identify and arrest all members of the chain including those who supply Nduwayezu with the narcotics in Rubavu and his retailers in Nyanza and other parts of the country."

Operations targeting chains supplying narcotics continue to make headways with many members being arrested in the recent past.

Early this month, four members of the same chain were arrested separately in Rubavu and Rutsiro districts with 2000 pellets of cannabis.

Rubavu is marked as one of the major trafficking routes to other parts of the country largely because of its strategic location on the borderline, with traffickers trying to use porous borders.

Nonetheless, credit goes to the public in this fight against trafficking and distribution of narcotics in the country, whose credible information facilitates successful operations.

"When you look at most of the successful operations in which drug dealers were arrested, they were all based on information provided by members of the public, who exercise their community policing rights to fight lawlessness in their localities," SP Nkurunziza said.

Anyone convicted for dealing "severe drugs" under article 263 of the law determining offences and penalties in Rwanda, faces between 20 and life imprisonment, and a fine of up to Rwf30 million.